Firenze International

Wholesalers of all types of Natural Stone

If you or your customer have a unique idea – Firenze can provide a natural stone product that will meet or exceed your needs.   Firenze’s  incredible buying power, wide selection, and huge inventory allow our customers to enjoy a competitive advantage in the fabrication industry.


Firenze provides quality products and has relationships with a number of fabricators who can provide expertise- should a problem or question arise during a project.


Multiple delivery and payment options available and different finish options also available.


We offer a large number of color options that will exceed your customer’s expectations. Our product quality and knowledgeable staff help provide the Natural Stone best suited for your client’s project.


Tips For Managing Your Subcontractor

Many general contractors use subcontractors when they have too much work on their plates or are overextended. Companies need subcontractors to keep their own profitable,  which creates a symbiotic relationship of give and take between businesses and encourages growth for both. Subcontractors aren’t officially employees of a company, but they still operate under the general umbrella that is the company itself. Use these tips to manage subcontractors efficiently so that corporations and subcontractors alike can remain successful.


Stone Maintenance And Restoration

Installing natural stone into your home can bring elegance and personality, but many people stray away from this material because they assume it is hard to maintain. The good news is that with proper care and maintenance, you can delay any everyday wear and tear.


4 Customer Service Tips For Natural Stone Fabricators, Contractors, & Designers

When you’re working on a client’s project, sometimes accidents happen. Whether it’s something out of your control like natural disasters or bad weather, or things in your control like bad scheduling or incorrect billing, customers can get upset from time to time. It doesn’t pay to lose a client due to poor customer service or lack of care when it’s so easy to train employees to deal with the situations appropriately as they arise.




"For over 25 years, my wife and I owned Damar Natural Stone Imports.  I am excited to be involved as an advisory board member for Firenze and think it will be a fresh new addition to the Omaha area stone market offering some great new colors and excellent service."- David Gambaccini from Damar Natural Stone Imports. Advisory board member.


"We have been in the natural stone business for over 90 years.  Recently I have been using Firenze to augment my direct purchase from quarries.  They have always been able to provide product in a timely and cost effective manner."- Terry - Customer and board member.