2021 bathroom trends


2021 is officially here! That means a whole new year filled with all new trends. We love looking at what was popular last year and trying to figure out what we should be keeping our eye on for this upcoming year. 

With everyone at home much more often last year, lots of homeowners started doing some home renovations. This includes big projects like complete kitchen remodels, to smaller tasks like finally hanging up that decor they’ve had for months. If you weren’t one of those people and decided to hold off on your renovations until the new year, your time is now! 

If you are just getting started on a new bathroom project, you may be wondering what is trending or what may start trending this year. Many people find that they like to pick styles that are popular. Updates and new additions also help to add some value to your house if you are looking to sell in the future. 

The problem with designing around trends is that they can change pretty quickly. You want to be sure that you are picking elements that you are sure you won’t get sick of too quickly and that you think will stay on-trend for a while. If you need some help with inspiration, here is what is expected to trend this year in bathroom design!

Tile walls

One trend that appears to be making its way into 2021 is large-format tile walls. In the past, we’ve seen a lot of small, mosaic type tiles trending in bathroom design, but it is anticipated that that will go out the door. Bathroom tile contractors can help you use large tiles as a great way to make your space look bigger, plus it will leave fewer grout lines, which can make your space look cleaner and a lot more seamless. In addition to larger tiles, more neutral tones are likely to take the forefront ahead of bright, bold color choices. Consider designing your space with large, neutral colored tiles this year. 

Keep it minimal

Minimal design has slowly become more and more popular throughout home design over the past couple of years. You see lots of kitchens with open and simple shelving, all white kitchens and bathrooms or very neutral, clean spaces. This trend will likely continue and take over bathroom design as well. It’s all about simple lines and functionality.

Go green

Though creating more sustainable spaces is also a trend this year, we mean this a bit more literally. It looks like green is one of the trendy colors for 2021. A great way to tie this in is by using a lot of natural features and textures in your space. This means lots and lots of plants! Adding in greenery is a great way to keep your space feeling natural and clean. Bathroom tile contractors can show you shades of grays and beige. 

Whether you are starting a new bathroom project or just about to finish one off, don’t forget about the countertops. Contact Firenze International to find the perfect natural stone countertop for your space. We can work with you, bathroom tile contractors and designers to help you create the perfect, cohesive space with our vast inventory!


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