2022 Natural Stone Trends


As we continue through the new year, there will be many new trends that emerge, especially in interior and home design. One trend that seems to always be changing is natural stone. With so many different materials and colors, it makes sense that natural stone surfaces and features come and go out of style. As a leading stone wholesalers, we are here to help keep you up to date with all the current trends. 

Firenze International is one of the largest stone wholesalers in the Omaha, Neb area. Our team not only supplies the highest quality natural stone in our area but will also help walk you through the process of choosing the right natural stone for your space. Below, we go over some of the top natural stone trends experts are predict for 2022!

Classic and bold marble

One trend that experts are expecting to boom this year is classic and bold marble surfaces. Marble has been a long sought-after material to use as countertops in both kitchens and bathrooms. Marble is a timeless choice, and creates a great sense of elegance in any space. Experts predict that bold and unique veined marble to make its way into home design this year. Marble compliments both dark and light designs, making it a truly timeless countertop option that will continue to trend for many years to come. On top of bold marble, white marble surfaces are also becoming more and more popular, and experts are saying they will stay popular throughout 2022. 

Exotic granite

Granite has been used for many years in kitchens and bathrooms across the world. In 2022, experts are predicting the emergence of exotic granite slabs used for countertops. Exotic granite brings a sense of nature into any room, and with the ongoing pandemic, this is something that many homeowners are looking for. When someone thinks of granite countertops, they probably think of a pretty basic, neutral color granite slab. However, granite comes in a variety of colors and designs! 

Experts are predicting paste, blue and grey tones of granite to trend throughout the year. All of these colors of granite slabs will work in a variety of different designs, in both kitchens and bathrooms. Looking to add exotic granite slabs in your project? Get yours today at Firenze International!

Natural stone flooring

Lastly, natural stone tile flooring is expected to emerge as one of the top trends this year. When it comes to installing natural stone flooring in homes and commercial properties, the options are endless. Tile flooring has the ability to fit into any design, no matter if you choose to incorporate it into a kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or any other room. Large tile sizes, as well as unique tile shapes, are what experts are saying will gain the most attraction this year. Click here to check out more 2022 tile flooring trends! 

As we continue to go through the new year, more new trends will emerge in home and commercial design. By working with stone wholesalers in your next project, you can rest assured that you will be updated on all the current trends! 

At Firenze International, we supply high quality natural stone slabs for residential and commercial properties. If you are in need of marble, granite or quartzite natural stone for an upcoming project, give us a call today! Our team is happy to answer any questions and help you along the way.


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