3 elements to consider when choosing a kitchen countertop


A kitchen renovation is an expensive project. As an interior designer or contractor, you want to make sure every kitchen element fits your client's needs. The kitchen cabinets and countertops are two main focal points to any kitchen. Choosing the best countertop for a kitchen is essential because homeowners and businesses will be using it daily. 

Kitchen countertops need to endure scratches, heat, spills and even cracks. Choosing a nondurable material for a countertop could lead to homeowners needing to replace it. As an interior designer or contractor, you need to help choose a countertop that can withstand time and styles. Before you start your wholesale countertops near me search, here are three things you need to consider when choosing a kitchen countertop. 

Consider the visual appearance

Countertops are the focal point to any kitchen. Whether it is a residential or commercial kitchen, it is important to choose a countertop that complements the kitchen style. It can be used in your design to make a space look larger than it is, so you want to be sure that you choose wisely. 

Dark color cabinets work nicely with light color countertops. If you have light color cabinets, a dark countertop complements each other. You can also choose a countertop that matches the same color of the cabinets for a monochromatic design. It all depends on the style of the kitchen you are trying to achieve. 

Consider sampling different countertop

Before purchasing a countertop,  be sure to sample it first. If you have already chosen the paint color, cabinet wood or backsplash, bring those samples with you when you are shopping for countertops. By doing this, you can see with your own eyes which countertops work best visually. 

These materials can assist you in finding a countertop that matches your color scheme and designs. The last thing you want is to purchase a slab and have it not match your existing designs. If you are still deciding on the elements of your kitchen design, ask your wholesale countertop near me provider for samples. That way you have an idea of what countertops to use in your design. 

Consider how you are going to design your kitchen

Solid kitchen countertops may look dull but straightforward in a room, especially without additional patterns going on. If you are into a stylized tile backsplash, a solid color may easily balance the room. If you like simple tones, the kitchen countertop can take a natural pattern coupled with multiple colors to provide a balance. 

For many individuals seeking countertops, granite and marble are both excellent choices. Both of these materials work well in kitchens and can fit any style. They both come in neutral colors, and the patterns on them can vary. For kitchens with less busy designs, you can select a countertop with a bolder pattern to make it stand out - while kitchens with busy designs can choose a marble or granite counter with a less busy pattern. 

Choose the best wholesale countertops near me

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