4 Customer Service Tips For Natural Stone Fabricators, Contractors, & Designers


When you’re working on a client’s project, sometimes accidents happen. Whether it’s something out of your control like natural disasters or bad weather, or things in your control like bad scheduling or incorrect billing, customers can get upset from time to time. It doesn’t pay to lose a client due to poor customer service or lack of care when it’s so easy to train employees to deal with the situations appropriately as they arise.

How do you handle complaints or issues that come up with your clients?

Minimize the customer’s inconvenience in the matter.

Chances are, your client will need to invest a little bit of their time to help resolve an issue, whatever it may be. Try to minimize their inconvenience, regardless of the situation. Work to resolve the issue on their schedule as much as possible.

Don’t ever blame the customer.

Just as mistakes get made on a business’s end, sometimes a client may be the one to have made an error. Lay out the situation for them as nicely and clearly as possible so that there are no additional opportunities for miscommunication.

Recap the situation with them, especially once everything is resolved.

When stress goes up and tempers flare, things can get lost in the translation. Once you have reached an agreement or are working towards the resolution, use email (or a written letter for the technophobe clients) to lay out exactly what the plan is, what steps have been taken, and how things have been or are being resolved.

Don’t wait on your clients to follow up and see where things are with their complaint.

Know that customers will generally forgive the mistake as long as they see you’re making it a priority and taking them seriously.

When it comes to taking action on a complaint, don’t let it fall to the bottom of your to-do list. Put it at the top of your priorities, and make sure you follow through.

As long as you’re being helpful and communicating with your customers, people will generally forgive any mistake that comes up.

Great customer service is a key component for any business that wants to grow and to be profitable. You want current customers to come back, new customers to stay, and referrals to come pouring in. The only way to do that is through awesome customer care!


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