A Guide To Eco-Friendly Cleaning Practices


Many homeowners are looking for natural stone features for their homes, especially in their countertops because they are beautiful and they are incredibly durable. Natural stone countertops bring a ton of value to a home. Many interior designers suggest natural stone for their clients in order to make their space more luxurious and to add a unique style to their space. 

Natural stone is incredibly durable, which means that it isn’t easily scratched, stained or cracked. You do need to be sure that your client is willing to have a solid cleaning routine to be sure that the stone lasts as long as it should. They require minimal maintenance, but the owner needs to be dedicated to cleaning up spills right away and staying on top of resealing when necessary. 

One common mistake that comes with natural stone that we see often at Firenze International is choosing the wrong stone for your client’s space. There are some stones that don’t work great in kitchens because they are not super heat resistant or they can scratch easily when it comes to knives and other sharp objects that could be used during cooking. This can also be an issue when things get spilled on stones that are very porous, which means they can stain. 

Another way that natural stone can get damaged is by using incorrect cleaning products on the surface. It is a good idea to go over with your client what they should be using on their new natural stone countertops to be sure that they don’t damage the stone or the seal. There are a couple different things to keep in mind when choosing the correct cleaning products for the stone that is chosen. 

About your stone

When you are trying to figure out what cleaning products that will be needed for the stone that is chosen, there are a few questions you should ask in order to be sure you are using the right products. Certain stones may need certain cleaners that others don’t. Here are the questions you should ask before helping your client decide on their cleaning products:

  • What type of stone do they have and is it porous or non-porous? 
  • Is the stone resistant to staining, etching and scratching? 
  • What kind of finish is one the stone?

About the cleaning needs

After you have determined everything you will need to know about the client’s stone, you should figure out what exactly their main cleaning problems will likely be. This can help you figure out what products would work best on that surface. Here are some examples of cleaning problems:

  • Normal wear and tear 
  • Oily surfaces
  • Chemical spills
  • Dirt and debris build-up

Eco-friendly products

At Firenze International, we think that eco-friendly products are the best way to clean your natural stone surfaces and they are much better for the environment than traditional cleaners. Here is what they typically offer

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Biodegradable
  • No toxins
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Water-based


The best way to ensure your client’s natural stone stays in good condition is to be sure they know exactly how to take care of it. Be sure to have them use eco-friendly and non-harsh cleaners when cleaning and to wipe them down regularly with a soft cloth to prevent build up of grit and dirt. 

You also want to let them know how often they should reseal their countertops to keep them protected from stains and scratches. If they are able to maintain a beautiful natural stone countertop, contact us at Firenze International and we can help you determine what the perfect choice would be. We can offer advice and insight into what stone would be the best addition to their space.  


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