A guide to using travertine in your bathroom and shower


Natural stone can be used in your bathroom for flooring, vanity tops, tub surrounds and wall mosaics. However, many homeowners don't know what type of natural stone to use in their bathrooms or showers.

The bathroom tile contractors want to share one natural stone option that is used in bathrooms, and that is travertine. This type of stone is common in bathrooms and showers. 

Although for many homeowners it is not the first option because they do not know if it is suitable for bathrooms. Travertine is an excellent option for bathrooms because it's durable, beautiful and it provides an elegant look.

What is travertine? 

Travertine is a type of natural stone that is formed in the hot springs by the precipitation of calcium carbonate. The hot mixture of liquid precipitates calcium carbonate off of the liquid, leaving the rest of the chemical liquid to harden and compress into travertine.

How this stone differs from other types of natural stone is how it looks. Travertine has holes that were created by CO2 bubbles during its formation. It does not go through a metamorphosis change, like granite. 

Travertine also comes in a range of venations, patterns and color variations, allowing you to pick a design that best compliments and suits your home. Moreover, travertine is a cost-effective option if you're on a budget, making it one of the most popular natural stones used in homes.

Which travertine is safe for bathrooms? 

Travertine is known to be a porous material - this means that the material has openings that can absorb liquids. People tend to believe that this type of porous material is not suitable for bathrooms. However, it is safe for bathrooms when it has the correct finish. 

There are two travertine finishes that bathroom tile contractors can do to make it safe for bathrooms. The two options are a hone and tumble finish. A honed finish gives the stone a matte finish that softens the look of it while a tumbled finish provides the stone with an antique finish by enhancing the stone's natural colors. 

Not only do these two finishes protect your travertine from water damage, but also from slips. Choosing polished and high gloss finishes for your shower or bathroom floors can increase the chances of slips and falls occurring. 

Why should you choose travertine for your bathroom and shower? 

Travertine is an excellent choice for your bathroom and showers because of its beauty, rustic look, and simple maintenance. For instance, in case of any spills, you can easily wipe them off without leaving any soap scum or water spots.

Sealing your bathroom travertine with the right sealer prevents it from absorbing any water that may damage your natural stone. However, the key to successful travertine bathroom floors and vanity tops depends on choosing the right material and installation contractor.

Choose the best bathroom tile contractors

If you have decided that travertine will work as your bathroom designs, choose Firenze International. We have a wide selection of natural stones, like travertine, granite, marble, quartz and even porcelain slabs, to choose from for your next project. Contact Firenze International to see our inventory. 


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