Bathroom Design Trends for 2020


It is the start of a brand new year, and with that comes new trends. Staying ahead of trends can help you design or create the perfect space for your clients. One of the rooms that should be on top of your list is the bathroom.  

Whether they have tiny or spa size bathrooms, it is vital to design a space that meets all their needs. Homeowners want functional, spacious, and the latest design and stone trends in their bathrooms. Here are some of the bathroom design trends that interior designers need to keep in mind when designing a bathroom in 2020. 

Not your typical marble

Bathrooms are taking a bold approach in 2020. Subtle marble is out and bold marble is in. Marble is one of those stone trends that will always be around. It is durable, classic and comes in neutral colors. 

According to Elle Decor, bold and unusual marble are taking over bathrooms this year. Clients might be asking for marble for showers or vanities that look more like pieces of art. They could be looking for Eramosa V.C or Paonazzo marble. The bolder, the better!


Going green is getting popular this year! As an interior designer, you can start to see green tones be brought into bathrooms this year. It is a great way to make a dramatic and fresh statement when redesigning a bathroom. 

You can do green accent walls to dark green cabinets to add that right touch of color without overpowering a design. There is always the option of choosing green-toned natural stones like granite or marble that can be used for countertops. 

Walk-in showers

Who does not enjoy a shower after a long and stressful day? Well, homeowners are taking this into account when remodeling their homes. According to Houzz’s research, homeowners are swapping tubs for walk-in showers in their master bathrooms.

These types of showers give homeowners the sleekness and safety features they are looking for in bathrooms. Plus, they are easy to keep clean and maintain. You can design a walk-in shower for your next project by using natural stone slabs for shower tiles. Marble and quartzite can give their shower that luxury feel. 


Just like in kitchen designs, sustainability is going to continue to be huge in 2020! Consumers are continuing to make more environmentally conscious decisions, like choosing sustainable materials that don’t harm the environment. When it comes to purchasing a home or remodeling, this is one trend they will want!

Interior designers and general contractors should look to incorporate eco-friendly materials like natural stones, real wood and low-flow showerheads and toilets. Natural stone countertops are sustainable. These countertops come from nature, and there are no harmful byproducts. Plus, if needed natural stone countertops can be recycled if needed without causing harm to the environment. 

When it comes to all your natural stone needs, let us help you! At Firenze International, we offer high-quality natural stone slabs like granite, marble and quartzite. We also have the latest stone trends like porcelain countertops.  Contact us for all your natural stone needs. 


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