Benefits of slate tile for your bathroom


The flooring in your bathroom is likely to be exposed to a variety of substances from water to cleaning chemicals. It’s important that your floors not only look good but that they can also maintain their quality in the changing conditions of your bathroom. There is a reason slate is one of the best tile choices for bathrooms. 

Slate is a natural stone composed of metamorphic rock. It is formed deep within the earth’s surface through a combination of extreme heat and pressure. The conditions in which It is formed make slate a particularly strong and durable stone - perfect for your bathroom. Here are the many benefits of a slate bathroom floor:


Slate tile has a versatile design. It generally ranges from dark gray to black with red, green, blue and purple tints. Slate has multiple finish options as well, the stone can be honed or polished to fit either a rustic or modern aesthetic. It also has a naturally rough texture that allows it to better hide imperfections like dirt and damage.


As mentioned, slate is incredibly durable. It is highly resistant to scratches, scrapes and dents. It is also water resistant, which is particularly important in the bathroom where mold and mildew aren’t uncommon. That being said, it is also non-slip so it is safe to walk on when wet - hence why it is commonly used for shower floors. Slate is resistant to heat so you can enjoy your hot showers without fear of damage and it is chemical resistant so you can clean it thoroughly with the strongest products. 


A slate bathroom floor is also ideal for its cleanliness. As stated, slate is resistant to chemicals making so you can use strong cleaning agents that kill bacteria. Not only is it easy to clean thoroughly, but unlike carpet or other materials, slate will not cling to harmful allergens. That being said, if you struggle with allergies, slate is the perfect flooring material for you.

Add value

Reap the benefits of slate floors while you live in your home, and when you sell it! Not only do  bathroom renovations in general yield high return on investment (ROI), but installing natural stone flooring like slate is a sure way to add real estate value to your home. Slate’s stunning appearance, high quality and function are extremely attractive qualities for homebuyers to help you sell your home fast and get a maximum ROI. 

A slate bathroom floor is ideal for several reasons. Not only is it sleek, stunning and versatile to fit your bathroom aesthetic, but it is the most resistant, durable and safe tile for your floors - all while adding value to your home. Want to learn more about slate? We can give you more information and help determine if it’s the right tile choice for your bathroom, or any space for that matter! Contact Firenze International today!


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