Choosing natural stone slabs


With this year coming to an end, are you looking to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look? If you want natural stone, your options are endless, from granite to marble, quartzite, onyx and more! With all these options, where do you start? It can get overwhelming at times, so continue reading and find out how you can choose the perfect natural stone for your home! 

Things you should know about natural stone before buying it 

Granite is one of the most popular options on the market. The reason for this is because they're low maintenance, scratch and heat resistant. Granite suppliers Omaha suggest this option for your fireplace, common kitchen area or countertops! Granite comes with many different color options and can add value to your kitchen. A bonus is that the color does not fade.

Quartzite is not the same stone as quartz! Quartzite is aesthetically pleasing and durable. The most common color you will find it is white, black or gray. It can be used for vanities, countertops, floors, walls and even stairs. 

Marble is known for its elegance. Marble stones come in a variety of colors and is known to be both polished and non-porous. It is typically used for countertops, backsplashes and floors, but it can be used anywhere. Marble is a perfect option because it is stain resistant. 

Onyx is also a beautiful natural stone slab that people want in their home. This stone is not known for its durability, it’s more likely to get scratches and chips. This is why it is not recommended for countertops. Onyx is the perfect addition to your kitchen as a backsplash or your bathroom shower tiles.  

Soapstone is another durable stone you can choose for your kitchen or bathroom counters. It can also be used for sinks or fireplaces. Soapstone is a soft stone which makes it more susceptible to crack when cookware or wine glasses fall on it. 

Tips on how to choose natural stone 

  1. Think long-term, how do you envision your project to turn out?

  2. Understand the finishes, do you want a smooth finish?

  3. Think about maintenance, do you have time to constantly clean it? 

  4. Ask to see samples 

  5. Find out the direction of the veining 

When you picture your finished bathroom or kitchen, do you want a natural veining or do you not want veins at all? Before you make a purchase remember to talk to granite suppliers Omaha and let them know what you want! Also, think about what colors you want it to be, do you want finishes that compliment or contrast with each other? There is a large color range from bright colors to neutrals. 

Another thing to consider is what type of finish you want! You can choose between honed, polished, and brushed. Polished is the most common finish for natural stone, it makes your counter look shiny. Honed is perfect for homeowners who love a matte look and brushed is perfect for a natural stone finish. 

If you don’t want to spend a lot of your days off cleaning, be sure to get a low-maintenance natural stone! The perfect natural stone is granite because they are not porous and water cannot get in and damage the countertop. Granite suppliers Omaha suggest you have your countertops sealed. 

When cleaning granite countertops, stay away from harsh chemicals as it can break down the seal. There are special cleaners for granite but another option is mild soap and warm water.  

If you are ready to start designing, contact Firenze International for a wide selection of durable natural stone! We have over a 100 years of experience and would love to help make your natural stone dreams come true!  




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