Choosing the right natural stone


So, step one was to determine that you wanted to give your house an update. Step two was to choose between natural stone or man-made. Which leads us into step three, how do you choose the right natural stone? Be honest, how many times have you Googled, “granite slabs for sale” and are still unsure if you even want granite. Choosing the right natural stone can be a challenge, so continue reading for tips on choosing the right one. 

When you want to determine the best natural stone for your house you need to look at the big picture. Here are three things you should be considering; how and where you plan to use it, what finish you want and what color you have in mind. 

During your Google search, “granite slabs for sale” you probably found out that they are the hardest stone on the market which make them perfect for your kitchen! There is also a wide variety of colored granite, from black and white to red, green and more! There are multiple options when it comes to finishes; polished, honed, leathered, brushed or antiqued. 

A polished finish is the most common, it’s shiny and smooth and perfect for the areas that will experience more spills. Honed finish is a matte look and you are more likely to see this finish in flooring because it hides scratches well. If you want a less shiny alternative, a leathered look is perfect for you. If you want your stone to have that natural look, brushed will be the best finishing option. 

Things to know before you choose natural stone 

Certain stones work better in certain areas of your home. Granite, marble, travertine and quartzite are perfect for your kitchen countertops, floors or other high traffic areas in your home. Marble also makes a perfect backsplash or accent wall for your home! 

A reason to choose natural stone for your home is because it can bring up its value as well as bring out your home’s beauty. You can have a theme for your stones; from choosing either colors that match or colors that do not. A tip when you are choosing your colors; choose darker shades for areas that will be frequently stained. For example: kitchen countertops or dining tabletops. Another advantage of choosing a dark color is that they hide fingerprints, dust and watermarks. 

If you choose a lighter stone it will make a smaller area seem larger than it really is. Typically, light colors give off a calm vibe and it is perfect for gardens or swimming pools. 

Questions to ask when looking to purchase natural stone

After you find your granite slab for sale you want to be sure to ask these questions

  • How does my way of life affect the stone I want?

  • Which finish do you recommend for a kitchen?

  • What kind of maintenance does my stone need?

  • How long will my natural stone last me?

If you have kids or a hectic lifestyle you want something durable, which makes  granite the perfect choice. Be sure to select a dark color to avoid any unwanted stains! A polished finish is the best option for your kitchen, giving it an elegant look! Natural stone is low maintenance, and it is recommended to have it sealed. Do not use any harsh chemicals to wipe it down because it will break down the seal. Natural stone countertops are known to last for over 30 years! 

At Firenze International, we have a wide selection of beautiful natural stone! Our board of advisers have over 100 years of experience in the natural stone industry! Contact us today for your perfect natural stone! 


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