UPDATED: Countertops Options for Outdoor Kitchens


The summer months are flying by, but there are still a couple of months left to complete home projects. One of the most popular projects in recent years has been installing backyard, outdoor kitchens. 

When it comes to choosing the best stone for outdoor kitchens, you need to consider durable materials that can withstand anything, especially countertops. You do not want to choose a material that can crack and peel due to the weather. 

At Firenze, we provide the highest quality of natural stone slabs. Below, we discuss the best countertop materials for outdoor kitchens!

What is an outdoor kitchen?

To start, let's first answer the question, “what is an outdoor kitchen”. This is different than your ordinary grill setup at home. An outdoor kitchen is an outdoor space that provides homeowners with the ability to cook. An outdoor kitchen usually consists of cabinets with a fridge, stove, sink and lots of countertop space. These outdoor kitchens are often designed to resemble the exterior of a home by having stones added to cabinets. For countertops, designers usually incorporate a strong material that looks natural and matches the stone. 


Granite is already being used in kitchens worldwide and outdoor kitchens are no exception. This type of stone is excellent for outdoor spaces because it is durable and easy to maintain. It is strong enough to withstand weather conditions and won’t let bacteria grow on it. The only thing with using granite is that you will want to make sure you are regularly sealing the surface. Sealing your granite countertops will protect it from absorbing water and getting scratched. Firenze has the most extensive inventory of granite slabs the midwest has to offer. 


Quartzite, alike granite, is a natural stone that  is another great option for outdoor kitchens. It is strong enough to withstand outdoor conditions for a long period of time. Quartzite is similar to marble in looks, but in fact is a stronger material. Quartzite is also UV resistant, so you never have to worry about the countertops fading with the sun!


Lastly, natural soapstone works very well as an outdoor kitchen countertop material. This material is very resistant to heat and staining and is also easy to repair if it becomes damaged. However, oil from fingers or cooking can create darkened spots on your soapstone. Although these spots wash away over time, it’s a smart idea to make sure you properly seal your soapstone countertops!

Overall, when installing an outdoor kitchen, you want to choose a countertop material that works well with your design, is durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions and is affordable in your budget. If you have any questions regarding which stone slabs work best for outdoor kitchens, just give us a call! Firenze is one of the most trusted stone suppliers in the Omaha, NE region, and we are more than happy to help assist in your next project!


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