Everything To Know About Natural Stone Fireplaces


The winter holidays are here, and as the weather outside continues to stay cold, now is the perfect time of the year to cozy up next to the fireplace and just relax! Traditionally, fireplaces were made out of bricks, however, bricks can end up cracking and becoming damaged overtime. This is one of the reasons why natural stone fireplaces have become more popular!

Firenze International is one of the leading stone wholesalers in the American midwest. We import all of our stone from overseas, making sure all of our customers receive the highest quality stone they can. Below, we go over everything you need to know about natural stone fireplaces. 

Benefits of a natural stone fireplace

Installing a natural stone fireplace offers a great variety of benefits. Below we dig into some of them!

Inviting appeal

One of the best parts about natural stone fireplaces is the amazing beauty and design they bring to your home. A natural stone fireplace will create a sense of coziness and luxury in your home, as well as match whichever design you already have implemented. 

Retains heat

A fireplace is used to help bring extra heat into your home. And natural stone is one of the best materials when it comes to retaining heat! Having a natural stone fireplace will help keep your home warm and cozy all winter long!


Like stated in the introduction, traditional brick fireplaces oftentimes become cracked and damaged over time. Luckily, natural stone offers greater durability, and will last for many years. Natural stone also requires very little maintenance, and is very easy to keep clean. 

Increase home value

Lastly, natural stone fireplaces can even increase the value of your home. Whether you have natural stone countertops in your kitchen or natural stone fireplace in your living room, your home’s resale value will certainly increase! 


When selecting natural stone for your client’s fireplace, Firenze knows that it's vital to choose one that won't hinder the opening of the firebox as this can be hazardous. How you lay the natural stone will make all the difference here.

You should also ensure you don't lose floor space during the installation process since some remodels result in a fireplace that juts further into the room. Instead, hire an expert in installation as they can maintain the same amount of space your previous fireplace occupied.

Choosing the right stone for your fireplace

At Firenze International, we know how important it is to find the right stone for your client’s fireplace. It should complement the style of their room and their mantel. Some popular natural stones for fireplaces include:

  • Marble - it's easy to clean and produces an extravagant finish

  • Granite - it provides a clean and contemporary look and feel

  • Limestone - you can stack limestone to achieve a rustic style fireplace

  • Travertine - it can be carved, stacked or tiles

We are one of the leading local stone wholesalers in Nebraska, and are ready to help you complete your next project. If you have any questions regarding our natural stone slabs and services, be sure to give us a call!


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