Famous Stone Buildings Around The World


For several centuries, stone was the primary building material because it is still one of the most durable and elegant materials. To this day, there are several buildings around the world made completely out of stone.

We have found some of the most beautiful and famous stone buildings from around the world and how each was made from a unique stone.

Taj Mahal

After two decades of construction, The Taj Mahal, which is located in India and was completed in 1648. The 370-year-old building remains one of the world's most celebrated structures.

The Taj Mahal was created by a former emperor of the country, in memory of his third wife. The exterior of the Taj Mahal is made out of white marble. In addition to marble, you’ll see semi-precious stones included jade, crystal, turquoise and more in-laid in the marble.

Many have argued that the Taj Mahal is the most beautiful building ever built and legend has it, that it was all in the name of love.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is located in Rome, Italy and was completed in 80 AD. While this amphitheater eventually fell to neglect, it was used actively for more than 400 years. The Colosseum was used for public spectacles, executions, battles and dramas. At the time, the Colosseum was able to hold 50,000-80,000 people. The majority of the amphitheater is made out of travertine, which is a very common building material in Italy.

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid is located in Giza, Egypt and it is the largest of the three pyramids that are located in Giza. It is believed that the Great Pyramid was completed in 2560 BC and is built from over two million blocks of stone. Most of the structure is made out of limestone and other parts are made from granite.

The Great Pyramid is the tallest structure to ever be built by human hands, a record it has held for more than three-thousand years.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument, located in Washington D.C., was built to honor one of our Nation’s founding fathers, our first President, George Washington. The skyhigh monument is the world’s largest stone structure standing at 555 feet and five and one-eighth inches tall. The building was started before the Civil War in 1848, but construction was stopped for the war and because there was a lack of funding.

The monument was constructed with more than 36-thousand stones of marble. If you look really closely at the monument, you will notice that the marble is two different colors. This is because the marble that was used came from two different quarries.

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