From Quarry to Kitchen: How Stone Slabs Are Made


Natural stone can enhance any building or room by adding an earthly sense and style. But how do natural stone materials get from the earth and into your home or commercial building? The answer is quarrying! Quarrying is the process of extracting natural stone from underground in order to use them to produce materials and products such as granite slabs! 

At Firenze International, we are the go to supplier for natural stone in the Omaha, Neb area. We offer a variety of granite slabs, marble, quartzite, and much more in our very extensive inventory. A question we get a lot is “how do you make your stone slabs?” So today, we are going to explain the process of quarrying and how this process plays a crucial role in producing natural stone slabs!

What is quarrying?

Quarrying is the process of removing rock, sand, gravel, and other minerals from the ground in order to use them to produce materials for construction and many other uses. In our industry, quarrying is essential in producing the natural stone that we eventually cut into stone slabs! The quarrying process is a long and extensive process that must be done carefully to ensure safety. Below are the steps of the quarrying process

  1. Create a mine plan to map and coordinate the on-site activity

  2. Remove the top layer of material on the ground

  3. Drill holes, insert explosives and blast rock face to loosen the material

  4. Stone blocks are then extracted and transported for processing

During this process, the safe use of explosives is essential in ensuring the stone extracted is of the best quality. The use of drones is also important to help accurately map out the site in which the quarrying is taking place. 

From stone block to stone slab

Once the stone arrives at our facility, we then begin to cut the slabs and add them to our inventory. Depending on the material of the stone, we will cut the blocks into even 2 centimeter to 3 centimeter thick slabs. This is done using giant diamond wire cutting saws and other technology to ensure each slab is accurate in size! Cutting the stone block usually takes a while as stone is not the easiest material to cut into!


Once we have cut the slabs from the stone, we then begin our polishing process. Polishing stone slabs is what brings out the natural beauty of the stone! Some materials such as granite slabs require a much finer polishing process to get a quality finish that really brings out its true look! After each slab is completely polished, we keep them in our inventory ready for purchase! 

The process of quarrying to produce natural stone slabs is an extensive process that very few understand. Hopefully, this guide will help you better understand how stone is quarried, cut, polished, and ultimately ready to be used in your kitchen or bathroom!

Firenze International is one of the most trusted suppliers of natural stone in the Midwest. As a good majority of our stone comes from Brazil, India, and Italy, we offer our customers the highest quality of natural stone slabs. To learn more about our services or to view our inventory, visit our website today!


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