Fun Facts About Marble


Marble is a stunning surface material for a variety of features in a variety of different spaces. It comes in many different colors like white, pink, green, grey or black, and patterns to fit any theme or style of space. But not only is marble a gorgeous and versatile material choice, it is also surprisingly very interesting. From its mineral composition to its appearances in famous stone structures, marble is quite fascinating when you take the time to learn about it. As a contractor or designer, it is important that you appear well-informed and excited when selling your stone products to clients. Being able to recount fun facts and information about stones like marble is the perfect way to do just that. 

In this week’s blog, our stone wholesalers are delivering you the most interesting facts about our wholesale marble that you can use to impress your customers, and hopefully drive sales! 

  1. Marble starts as limestone, which is then exposed to extreme pressure and heat to change its appearance and molecular structure and become marble. 

  2. Marble is found in various unexpected items including toothpaste, eyeglass frames, and pharmaceuticals.

  3. Many ancient Egyptian pyramids contain marble.

  4. Unlike other stones, marble does not absorb heat making it incredibly heat resistant. So much so that it is used to cool interior spaces in hot climates.

  5. Marble is a metamorphic rock meaning that it will continue to change and react when exposed to new elements like acidic substances.

  6. The Taj Mahal of India is made entirely of marble.

  7. Marble is an ideal choice for those with allergies as it is hypoallergenic and will not collect allergens on or below its surface.

  8. Marble is named for its shine. The word “marble” comes from the Greek word “marmar” which means “to glisten.” 

  9. Marble is more durable than the average stone, ranking a 2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

  10. No two marble slabs will have the same pattern. Each is entirely unique from the next.

Take these ten facts and incorporate them into your pitch with clients and you just might sell them on your marble products. After all, who doesn’t want home features that are made from the same materials as the Egyptian pyramids?

Sell your stone with a story, but first, you need the actual stone. Shop Firenze International’s large collection of wholesale marble. We have a variety of different options to choose from in all different colors, shapes and sizes. Not to mention, your stone wholesalers can teach you all you need to know about marble so that you feel confident and informed when working with your clients. Contact us today!


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