Over the next several weeks, we are going to be covering the different surface materials to use in your contracting projects. So the question remains, which surfacing material is right to recommend to your clients? To help you out in discovering the answer to this plaguing question, we have been exploring different surfacing materials each week explaining what they are and their advantages and disadvantages. So far, we’ve covered Quartz; and this week, we will continue by covering Granite. We will again explain what Granite is and its advantages.  We hope that in doing so we help you get that much closer to discovering the surfacing material that is right for your project.

Read below to find out all about Granite!

Granite - What Is It?

Granite is the best known igneous rock and many people recognize it because it is used in things that we encounter in everyday life. Granite's mineral composition usually gives it a red, pink, gray, or white color with dark mineral veins throughout the rock.  

What Are The Advantages Of Using Granite?

Granite Is Durable

Granite is an extremely hard surface so it does not scratch easily. The stone itself takes wear and tear well, but you should still treat it with care. Granite is also heat-resistant, so using it near the stove is not a problem.

Granite Is Easy To Clean

Because Granite is a porous material, cleaning can be an issue if it isn’t sealed properly. No dirt, dust, or contaminant of any kind can become stuck in its surface, so there is no chance it will harbor any bacteria or viruses.

Granite Is Aesthetically Pleasing

With granite, not only do you get a surface that is durable and easy to clean, you’ll get one that is aesthetically pleasing as well and is popular among contractors! Available in a variation of colors, granite is sure to have a look that is right for you!

In this article, we’ve tackled the surfacing material granite. We’ve explained what it is and its associated benefits. We hope that in doing so we’ve helped to narrow down the search!

Feel like there’s still more to be learned about Granite? To find out more, click here!

Don’t think Granite is the right fit for you? No worries. Head over to our blog to explore many of the other options available to you.

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