Updated: How Natural Stone Is Formed


From kitchen countertops in your kitchen to bar countertops in your favorite bar, you can see that natural stone is one of the most popular materials! 

It gives both homeowners and business owners the aesthetic and durability that meets their needs. Have you ever thought about where natural stone forms and why it became so popular?

What is natural stone?

Thousands of years ago, our planet didn’t look like it does today. It was filled with mineral gases

As time passed, the Earth started to add heat and pressure that began to solidify these minerals. Slowly those solid minerals made their way up to the surface and created the landscapes we know today!

As you might already know, there are various types of natural stones that homeowners and business owners can choose for their space. These different natural stones are formed from the reaction of different minerals over the years! 

Now that you know what is natural stone, you’re probably curious where it is located in the world. Natural stone is distributed around the world! A majority of the natural stone comes from quarries from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, France Brazil, China, Taiwan and even the United States.

The different type of natural stones


Marble is formed from limestone that has been altered by heat and pressure. What makes marble unique is its veiny appearance. This natural stone is available in white, black and grey colors, but also reds and oranges! 

One of the biggest perks of marble is that it is durable! It can last for decades when it has proper maintenance. This benefit makes it ideal for homes and businesses! Experts suggest using it as a countertop, backsplash or flooring option!


Quartzite comes from sandstone that has been affected by heat and compression. This stone is more commonly seen in white, but it also comes in brown and green hues. 

This stone is one of the hardest stones available on the market. It’s ideal for any outdoor or indoor space! Quartzite is suitable for those who love the look of marble but are looking for a more durable option. 


Granite is considered an igneous stone that has been affected by lava and altered by exposure of other minerals. The stone is common in countries with active volcanoes. Because of the many reactions, this stone can come across, it comes in a wide array of color options for your clients. 

Some of these include white, red, black, brown and blue. This type of natural stone is great for kitchens and bathrooms because it is naturally antibacterial.


Travertine is created when limestone has been flooded by water leaving mineral deposits that are unique to every slab. These minerals solidify during the process and gradually become more and more dense until they turn into travertine. 

This stone is an alternative to granite and marble, but it is a much lighter material that is easy to work with and still incredibly durable. Travertine is often used on floors, walls and fireplaces.

Now that you know what is natural stone, are you ready to buy some? Whether you are looking to restock your natural stone inventory or find the perfect natural stone slab for your project, choose Firenze International. Contact us to see our store!


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