How To Care For Quartzite


Natural quartzite is a popular material many homes and businesses use for countertops and flooring. Its popularity is due to the incredible durability and beautiful design quartzite offers. However, there are things that homeowners and business owners should be doing to ensure their quartzite stays in great condition for many years. 

At Firenze International, we have over 100 years of experience working in the natural stone industry. As a leading stone supplier in our area, we value our high quality products and services. In this blog, we discuss how to clean quartzite and other tips to help you keep your quartzite looking good for years to come. 

Why choose quartzite?

To start, let's discuss why you should choose quartzite in the first place. Well, quartzite is a beautiful and exotic material that has been used for many years. Natural quartzite is durable enough to withstand daily operations no matter the use! Quartzite is nearly twice as hard as glass and harder than the blade of a knife. Because of its durability and amazing design, quartzite is one of the most popular materials used for natural stone countertops and flooring! 

Caring for quartzite 


No matter the stone, sealing the surface of countertops and natural stone flooring is a great way to help protect your stone from scratching, staining and becoming damaged. For quartzite specifically, it’s strongly advised that you seal your surface. Quartzite can sometimes be porous depending on the amount of metamorphosis in your stone. If you notice that your quartzite is becoming darker in areas that commonly become wet, such as by your sink, it’s a good indicator that a sealant is needed. 

After sealing, you will need to make sure that you reseal your quartzite about once a year. However, some areas of your quartzite may need to be sealed more often, and some less often. To know if your quartzite needs to be sealed, dribble some hot water onto the countertop. If the water seeps into your quartzite, it’s time to reseal

Cleaning tips

Although quartzite is very durable, regular cleaning and care are still needed. Do you know how to clean quartzite? 

Cleaning quartzite is quite simple! To clean up your quartzite countertops, you will want to use a non-abrasive, low pH cleaning solution, water, and a soft cloth. It’s also important that you clean spills and stains up as soon as possible. This will help keep the surface in good condition for many years!

When cleaning, it’s highly recommended to avoid using acid-based cleaning products and abrasive materials. These items can end up scratching the surface and wear down the sealant covering your surface. 

Quartzite is a very easy material to take care of. Other than regular sealing and cleaning, there is not much else needed. Use these tips on how to clean quartzite to ensure your countertops and floors are staying in tip top condition for a long time!

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