UPDATED: How to Clean Marble Countertops


Natural marble is one of the most elegant countertop materials you can choose. The price of marble stone slabs is  a direct correlation to how wonderful this natural stone is. Not only is marble absolutely gorgeous, but marble also offers a variety of benefits as a countertop material. 

Marble countertops are very durable and withstand the day-to-day kitchen wear and tear. However, regular cleaning is needed in order to keep your marble countertops in pristine condition for a long time. 

At Firenze International, we are one of the leading stone wholesalers in the Midwest. We offer natural stone slabs of almost every kind and ensure quality with every purchase! Below, we give some tips on how to properly clean and take care of your marble countertops!

How to care for marble countertops

Like any other natural stone countertop, marble countertops require regular cleaning and care to stay looking good for many years. Below, we highlight some things you should be doing for your marble countertops!

Seal it

It is usual for marble countertops to get sealed during the installation process. When you buy marble slabs, they are not sealed. Sealing your marble countertops is important because marble is a porous stone, which means water and other liquids can seep into the surface and ultimately damage your stone. 

There are a number of marble sealants available, all of which offer different benefits and finishes! Click here to learn which type of sealant is right for you!

Wipe it down

Even if your marble countertop is sealed, it is advised that you wipe down the countertops after every use. Use a nonabrasive cloth or sponge to remove food crumbs, water or dust from your countertops. To clean it, be sure to use water and mild soap. 

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, it’s a very smart idea to wipe down your home’s surfaces regularly to protect you and your family. Click here to learn the best ways to disinfect your natural stone countertops!

Prevent and clean up spills

Homeowners and business owners should wipe spills or food as soon as possible to avoid any stains or discoloration from forming. Use cutting boards to reduce food stains and encourage the use of coasters, especially when drinking coffee or wine to avoid ring stains. 

 Avoid using these products

Avoid using products that contain any acid. Homeowners and business owners should stay away from common cleaners, like bleach, vinegar and ammonia. Using these products will leave ring, dull and spray spots on your countertops. Plus, it could damage your marble countertops’ seal. 

Natural marble is a beautiful material that when taken care of properly, lasts a long time. Use these cleaning tips to get the most out of your marble investment and keep your countertops looking great for years!

As one of the leading stone wholesalers in the area, at Firenze International, you can always count on the highest quality stone! To learn more about our products and services, visit our website today!


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