How to clean porcelain countertops


You might have heard all the buzz the porcelain countertops are causing in the world of interior design and stone trends. From the looks of it, these countertops are not going away any time soon. They are giving homeowners and business owners the look of marble but with double the durability. 

Before you start searching for wholesale countertops near me, take a look at the maintenance porcelain requires and how to clean them properly. 

What are porcelain countertops? 

Porcelain countertops might look like marble or quartzite, but they are made out of clay. This type of clay is rich in kaolinite, silica, feldspar and other minerals that give the porcelain longevity. These countertops are created by heating the porcelain in high temperatures.

Why are porcelain countertops popular? 

Business owners, homeowners, interior designers and contractors are choosing porcelain countertops because of its stain resistance, durablilty, scratch-resistant and it comes in different colors and patterns.

These benefits make it ideal for any kitchen, bathroom or commercial setting. When it comes to budgeting for porcelain countertops, you do not have to splurge. Unlike other stone trends, these countertops range at a similar cost to granite and quartz countertops. You can install it once and never have to worry about replacing it. 

How to clean porcelain countertops 

Nothing is maintenance-free. You still need to keep regular maintenance to keep your surfaces clean and bacteria-free. The good news is that porcelain countertops are durable, so you don’t need as much maintenance as other countertops. Here are tips on how to clean your porcelain countertops.  

Wipe it down 

Whether you’re cooking chicken or serving customers a latte, porcelain countertops need to be wiped down regularly. These countertops do not have pores like other natural stones, but still, need to be cleaned to remove bacteria sitting on the top.

You should use a damp cloth and warm water to clean the surface after using it. Porcelain countertops are stain-resistance, but when needed, you can use ammonia-based cleaning products. 

Use a sponge

You can prevent accidents from occurring. Scuff or stubborn marks can happen, but because porcelain countertops are stain and scratch resistance, you can remove them. Use a sponge with a stain remover or a magic eraser to remove any marks. 

Clean up spills

Yes, porcelain countertops are stain resistance. But if you want to keep your porcelain countertops looking impeccable, you should clean spills right away. Use normal temperature water and cloth to remove the spills. 

Products to avoid using

Porcelain countertops are nonporous because of their glazing and sometimes they are also sealed. However, some products should be avoided to prevent glazing/enamel from breaking. Don’t use steel wool pads, cleaning products with hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives

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