How to clean quartz countertops


Quartz countertops are taking over residential and commercial spaces. These countertops offer a luxury look of natural stone without compromising on durability. 

Although quartz countertops are strong, they do require care to keep them looking well. To care for these countertops, here is some knowledge on how to keep quartz countertops clean

What are quartz countertops? 

Quartz countertops are created from “engineered stone.” What does this mean? Well, engineered stone differs from natural stone because it is manufactured. Quartz countertops are made from quartz material that is combined with resins, polymers and pigments. 

All these materials are combined into a mixture that hardens into the quartz slabs we see at wholesale countertops near me. Quartz countertops come in a variety of textures. The stone can have a smooth appearance if it has been finely grained. If the stone is roughly grounded, then it will have larger freckles. 

Quartz vs. quartzite 

Although quartz and quartzite can look fairly similar, both stones are different. As stated above, quartz is an engineered stone. Quartzite, on the other hand, is a natural stone. This natural stone is created by a natural process, then it is extracted from the ground. 

The advantage that quartz slabs have against quartzite is that they are nonporous. Quartz is water and heat resistant. It needs little maintenance where quartzite needs to be resealed to prevent discoloration and cracks. 

Why are quartz countertops so popular? 

Over the years, quartz has grown in popularity. Many homeowners and builders choose quartz for their home projects. Why so many people love it is because of its durability

Quartz reassures homeowners that their countertops are going to last. Quartz is nonporous - which means that they have no pores where liquids can be absorbed. This gives builders and interior designers the option to place it anywhere. 

Not to mention, quartz countertops are heat resistant. These countertops can withstand hot items being placed on top. Plus, they are easy to maintain and keep clean. 

How to keep quartz countertops clean

Although quartz countertops are extremely durable, they do require care to keep them looking like new. Here is how you can keep your quartz countertops clean. 

Use a cloth, soap and water

To keep quartz countertops clean, all you need is water and soap. Use a mild soap that does not contain any bleach or abrasive ingredients. Countertops should be cleaned after any use or spills.  

Use a glass cleaner

Glass cleaner is not only good for windows but also quartz countertops. A spray of this house cleaning product can help make your countertops look less cloudy. Experts recommend using a glass cleaner at least once a month. 

Remove the grease

Cooking can get a little messy. When your quartz countertops get greasy, use a kitchen degreaser. This product will remove the grease from your countertops and prevent it from looking cloudy. Make sure that the degreaser does not contain bleach. 

Products to avoid

Although quartz countertops are durable, some products should be avoided. These products can damage your countertops. Do not use: 

  • Bleach 

  • Nail polish remover 

  • Oven cleaners

  • Hard brushes 

  • Products with high-acidity 

  • Products with highly-alkaline.

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