How to clean quartzite countertops


Many homeowners love the look of marble but want something more durable. A natural stone option that gives homeowners the look of marble and durability is quartzite. 

This natural stone resembles the classic and veiny look of marble. To keep these countertops looking like new, you need to keep proper maintenance. 

Before searching wholesale countertops near me, here are some tips for cleaning and sanitizing quartzite countertops. 

Where does quartzite come from? 

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that is made of mostly quartz. This rock is formed when quartz-rich sandstone is heated in extreme temperatures and under pressure. 

The quartzite slabs naturally come in white and grey tones. Impured quartzite can sometimes cause it to have yellow, brown or bluish tones. However, the slabs can be stained into different colors like pinks, reds and even purples

Is quartzite porous? 

Quartzite is a natural stone, and it is porous. This means that the stone has tiny spaces (holes) on the surface. If the natural stone does not have a proper seal, liquids can be absorbed by the stone. Different natural stones have different porosity. Quartzite countertops are considered less porous than other stones. The wholesale countertops near me experts suggest It still needs to be sealed to prevent stains and cracks from occurring. 

Quartzite vs. Quartz

Many people tend to believe that quartzite and quartz stones are the same. Although both stones look similar, they are different. As stated above, quartzite is a natural stone. On the other hand, quartz is engineered stone - this means that it is man-made. Quartz is nonporous and can be more expensive than most natural stones. 

How to clean quartzite countertops 

Seal it 

Although quartzite is not as porous as other natural stones, it still needs to be sealed. A sealant helps prevent liquids from being absorbed. If water were to get absorbed, it could cause a stain or cracks to occur.  

Experts recommend that you seal your quartzite countertops after installation. The countertops should be resealed every year. These seals are easy to apply and keep your countertops looking shiny.

Clean it regularly

Whether the countertops are used in kitchens or bathrooms, they should be cleaned regularly. Cleaning it after use can help prevent stains from occurring. To keep it clean, use mild soap, water and a cloth to remove any dirt or debris from your countertops. 

It is advised not to use any cleaning brushes or pads on these surfaces. Using these kinds of products can cause scratches, and it removes the sealant from the countertops. 

Avoid these products

Although some products might say safe for all surfaces, you want to avoid abrasive products and cleaners with citrus bases. These kinds of products can damage your quartzite’s sealants and leave it exposed to spills. Experts recommend you avoid these products on your quartzite countertops: 

  • Oven cleaners 

  • Bleach

  • Paint thinner 

  • Fingernail polish remover

  • Oil-based soaps 

  • Comet surface cleaner 

  • Soft scrub surface cleaner.

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