How to decorate a home with natural stone


The use of natural stone has become popular for interior and exterior decor in many homes. Modern houses now use natural stone to make living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens a warm and cozy place to live in.

You can incorporate natural stone in your client’s home in several ways. This could include floor tiles, fireplaces, wall tiles, kitchen countertops and credenzas. Combining all these into your client’s house gives it a sleek, complete look, but you can also stick to one feature and make it the focal point of your home.

Choosing natural stone for a client can sometimes be difficult because you have so many options. At Firenze, we know how important it is for a room to feel cohesive and be a space that your client wants to spend time in. That is why every single piece is so important. The natural stone is extra important because it cannot be changed as easily as other elements and it will be very expensive if you do. 

You may not think of natural stone right away when you are thinking of a decorating tool, but it can actually be used easily to decorate a space. Choosing a unique piece of stone is a great way to bring personality and a unique quality to the room. It can also be used in many spaces and in many different ways. 

Here are ways to decorate a living room with natural stone.

Natural stone floor tiles

Choosing the right floor for someone’s home can be challenging as it forms the main attraction for the living room. The tiling option you pick for this space needs to be durable and withstand the wear and tear of a high traffic area.

Natural stone tiles are the right option for flooring as they are resilient, easy to maintain, and beautiful. These tiles come in different patterns and shades, thus giving you the freedom to pick the best match for the interior decor. You can choose between marble, granite, limestone and travertine, depending on your final goal.

Natural stone wall decor

Firenze knows that an exposed stone wall is not a new style in home decor as it provides a natural, vibrant, and welcoming feel. Using natural stone for the walls of your client’s home means you improve sound absorption while maintaining simplicity and durability.

To enhance the feeling of natural stone walls, use these tricks.

  • Add flowers to create an earthy atmosphere in your home
  • Ensure you have proper lighting as it intensifies the texture of natural stone
  • Decorate their room with bright accessories to make the natural stone stand out

Natural stone fireplace

Natural stone fireplaces bring modern warmth to your living room. For a dramatic look, go for square stones to add a geometric accent to the fireplace. Natural stone fireplaces come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes that you can choose from to create a custom look.

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