Updated: How to disinfect and clean natural stone


In light of the COVID-19 virus, properly sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces is more important than ever. It’s critical that businesses and homeowners keep their high-touch surfaces, like countertops, clean from bacteria and germs to prevent the spread of viral infections. Natural stone is a perfect option for any commercial or residential space as it is durable and naturally resistant to bacteria and microbes, but it still requires regular cleaning.

Here’s what you need to know about disinfecting and cleaning natural stone, according to our natural stone wholesale experts!

Seal it!

When it comes to potentially harmful bacteria, prevention is key. Natural stone is a porous material meaning that it has tiny holes or pores that allow water and air to go into the stone. This can make it prone to harboring bacteria. That is why it is critical for natural stone to be sealed! 

How to disinfect and clean natural stone

In between, sealing it is necessary to disinfect and clean natural stone surfaces. Our natural stone wholesale experts share how to disinfect and clean natural stone surfaces without damaging it.

Use soap and water to kill germs

There are lots of products that are advertised to kill viruses and bacteria. However, it is essential to remember that these products can have chemicals that will end up damaging your natural stone's seal. 

Once your natural stone's seal is broken, it can let germs and bacteria start to grow inside your natural stone's pores. Experts suggest using soap and water to kill germs off your natural stone surface. Soap and water aren't fancy, but they can wash and remove viral particles from any surface. The solvent can break down the outside coating of a virus and kill it.

Use natural stone cleaners

Soap and water can kill germs off your natural stone surfaces but also leave soap scum. After washing it with these two products, use a natural stone cleaner to remove the streaks. These products are designed to keep surfaces clean without using harsh chemicals. 

Avoid damaging ingredients

Everyday cleaning products are not advised to be used on natural stone. They can end up breaking the seal on the natural stone or start to etch it. Experts suggest that you avoid products that: 

  • Contain vinegar or lemon juice 

  • Contain acids such as bathroom, grout, tub and tile cleaners

  • Or another form of abrasive cleaners.

Minimize contamination

One of the best ways to avoid germs and bacteria from forming on natural stone countertops is cutting boards. It is essential not to cut meats, vegetables and fruits on top of natural stone surfaces. The particles from these foods can seep into the pores of your natural stone. Instead, use cutting boards for food preparations and clean the natural stone countertops after every use!

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