How to pick the right natural stone for your space


Natural stone is a beautiful addition to any space. It creates a natural feel and can match many different aesthetics. If you are looking for a luxurious feel you can go with a polished marble countertop, but if you want something more rustic you could choose a honed limestone. There are so many different options to choose from that can match your aesthetic and elevate your space. 

Each stone is unique and each stone has its own strengths. Because no two stones are the same, you will always have something unique in your home when you go with natural stone, but choosing which stone you want to go with can sometimes seem overwhelming when you are Googling, “stone slabs for sale near me.” Once you’ve decided on what type of look you want to go for, how do you choose the right type of stone? We are here to help! 


Many people love the look of marble in their homes. It is a great choice if you are looking to add some luxury to your space and make it feel more expensive. One of the best places to use marble in your home is in the bathroom. Marble is heat resistant, which means that you can set your curling iron or straightener right on the surface and don’t have to worry about damaging it!


When you search, “stone slabs for sale near me,” you will likely be met with granite. Though many people choose to use granite as their countertop, which is a great option, it is also a great choice for your fireplace surround! If you want your fireplace to be eye-catching, you may be considering adding in natural stone! Granite is a popular option because it is so incredibly durable. It is also extremely scratch resistant, which means you don’t need to worry about fire pokers or covers scratching it. 

Granite has a great heat tolerance, which is important for a fireplace surround. You don’t have to worry about it cracking or chipping. Granite is a great option when working with gas or wood burning fireplaces. The only thing you need to keep up on is a regular sealing, but other than that it is very low maintenance, which is what you want for your fireplace.


Slate is a unique stone that is starting to appear more and more within homes and interior design trends. Slate is popular because it gives off a unique look. One of the main ways we are seeing slate being used is in flooring. It is important to ensure that your flooring option is durable because it will have to stand up to foot traffic and wear and tear. Slate is durable while still being very unique and attractive. Another reason that homeowners choose to go with slate for their flooring is because it works very well with radiant heat systems, meaning it’s great for those who want heated floors with the natural stone look! 

There are so many different natural stones to choose from. Each one is unique and can work in so many different spaces. If you have questions about natural stone or are tired of looking forstone slabs for sale near me, call Firenze International today. We can answer all of your questions and find you the perfect natural stone! 


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