Update: Man-made vs natural stone


You just realized it’s time to update your office kitchen counters, where do you look for inspiration?  You could simply Google, “marble granite suppliers near me” to look for information. However, if what came up left you overwhelmed, continue reading to clear things up. At Firenze International, we know that designing a space is never easy. 

Man-made marble versus natural marble

They are exactly what they sound like, natural stone is created by nature while man-made is created by people. A huge determining factor is price, and natural stone is more expensive. You are paying for it to be quarried and cut. The price ranges from $10-$38 per square foot with a cutting price that is  up to $15 per square foot. Remember, you get what you pay for! On the other hand, man-made stones are found in a quarry and it is made up of a variety of elements that have been poured into a mold. 

Another difference between the two is the maintenance. Natural stone is porous and the best way to keep your natural stone in tack is to have it sealed every six months. This will protect it from cracks, chips or any discoloration. Generally speaking, natural stone is low-maintenance! 

Man made maintenance is missing?


The benefits of Firenze natural stones are endless! First, they are luxurious and eye-catching, plus nobody will have the same stone as you! In nature, two things are never made the same. During your Google search, marble granite suppliers near me you probably found out that granite is one of the most popular stones on the market. The reason is because granite can withstand high temperatures of heat, making it the perfect option for your kitchen counters! 

Both man-made and natural stones are long-lasting! Man-made stones can last up to 50 years while natural stone can last over 100 years! They both have the option to add a pop of color! There are a variety of colors you can choose from like shades of green, yellow, red or blue!

Natural stone is eco-friendly! This stone is found in nature which means that no harmful products are being used to create this! When making this stone, toxic chemicals are not being used which means that fumes are not released into the environment. 

Another benefit is that if you are ever looking to put your home on the market, natural stone is a huge selling point. People often dream of having a granite countertop, and this can help your home sell quicker and for more money.

When you look up marble granite suppliers near me you will learn that there are plenty of different finishes for natural stones! You can choose between; natural, polished, aged, tumbled and more! Contact Firenze today to get started on your new natural stone kitchen or bathroom!


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