Most Common Questions Regarding Your Countertops


Installing new countertops is one of the most effective ways to change the design of your kitchen or bathroom. New natural stone countertops can add a sense of elegance to your home, while also providing you a durable and beautiful surface to work on. Not to mention the fact that new countertops can significantly increase the value of your home! The benefits of stone countertops are plentiful, but choosing the right stone for your home can be a challenge.

When searching for new countertops, it’s a smart decision to work with granite countertops fabricators to help your process go much smoother. Granite countertops fabricators will help you narrow down your options and answer any questions you may have along the way.

At Firenze International, we have helped transform many residential and commercial designs using natural stone. Our team is experts when it comes to all things natural stone, and are here to help. Below, we highlight the most common questions we get regarding natural stone countertops, and provide you with some answers!

Are quartz countertops natural stone?

One question we get asked quite often is whether or not quartz is a natural stone material. Quartz is technically a mineral that is found in other natural stone materials. In the countertop world, quartz is a man-made material. However, quartz does possess many qualities similar to natural stone as it is made up of 90% natural materials. Oftentimes, quartz looks and feels so much like stone that you will never know the difference!

How thick does a countertop need to be?

Another question we frequently get asked is how thick should countertops generally be. On average, natural stone countertops are usually two to three centimeters thick. However, this measurement can change depending on the material and finish of your countertops! Thicker countertops are usually more durable, and in turn, come with a more expensive price. So while countertops should be at least two centimeters in thickness, it’s inevitably up to your desired style, material, and price!

Why should I seal my countertops?

You may be wondering, why do I have to seal my natural stone countertops? In some cases, you don’t have to! Many granite countertops nowadays don’t necessarily need to be sealed, however, it’s recommended. Sealing your countertops will protect them from spills and stains and ultimately prolong the life of your countertops! Materials like quartzite and marble are more porous than granite, and should certainly be sealed once installed! Overall, sealing your countertops will help protect and extend the life of your investment!

How much maintenance is needed?

Lastly, we constantly get asked about countertop maintenance. No matter what material you choose, natural stone or not, maintenance will be needed. Luckily, with natural stone countertops, maintenance is a little easier. Usually, regular cleaning and periodic sealing is all that is needed! But it’s so important that no matter what material you choose, that you are cleaning them often and properly, using the correct cleaning products for your materials! 

Buying new countertops can be stressful, but that is why granite countertops fabricators can be so beneficial! Be sure to ask these questions when purchasing new countertops for your home! 

If you need help with your next home or commercial project, do not hesitate to call! Our team of natural stone experts are happy to help!


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