Natural stone countertops that sparkle and shine


When designing your home or office, you undoubtedly will select the best aesthetics to match your vision for the space. If done right, natural stone can create standout accents or merely blend in with the overall mood of the room. If revamping or adding countertops, then you will need to be especially  particular about your selection.

A common countertop seen in homes, because of its versatility, is granite.

The dos and don’ts of cleaning granite countertops

Monuments and memorial comprised of granite reaffirm the stone’s durability. The natural stone can endure harsh weather for long periods of time. Although, whether granite is used in the home or for aesthetic purposes, it still requires maintenance to stay lustrous over time.

Do nots for granite

  • You should not use harsh acidic cleaners on granite, this could corrode the surface.

  • You should not use abrasive detergents or coarse scrubs on it, as gritty cleaners and harsh scrub brushes are unsuitable for sealed granite. The abrasion will wear down the sealant just like acidic and harsh cleaners will.

Dos for granite

  • You should always seal your granite countertops.

  • Acidic ingredients like lemon, lime, vinegar, might be coarse for the granite.

  • Here  is a DIY solution:  You can mix ¼ rubbing alcohol with three drops of mild dishwashing soap in a spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with water. Use this mixture to clean the granite surface with  a microfiber cloth, as it is too gentle and favourable for stones. This cleanser is too effective and makes your countertop look marvellous.

  • Use a cleaner made specifically for natural stone, such as 409 granite cleaner.

Other natural stones:


If you are a fan of granite, then you can also go for quartz. It is  one of the hardest gemstones, which are less likely to get damaged. You can always rely on Quartz because it is heat and scratch resistant. You can also install the natural stone on  your kitchen’s surface.

You need to use mild soap to clean the quartz surface. Cleaning the countertop with hot water and a sponge on a daily basis is enough to maintain the stone. Vinegar also works fine.

A homeowner can also prepare a home cleanser to clean quartz. You need to mix 25 percent vinegar to 75 percent water and mix in a spray bottle. Spray and polish as you work your way across the counter. For extra dazzle, give the countertops a final polish with a little bit of spray and a microfiber cloth.


Onyx are very hard stones as compared to granite and quartz. So, the cleaning of such hard countertop can be more harsh than other natural stones. You need to use a soft cloth to clean onyx. Do not use harsh acidic products. You should not spray cleaner directly onto the countertop. Instead, spray onto the dry cloth to prevent the stone from absorbing the cleaner, which could cause permanent damage. You should wipe away any excess cleaner immediately. This would be beneficial to preserve the natural shine and lustre.


Marble another lustrous stone is  favored by many people. You can always preserve and beautify marble. Certain stones like marble easily absorb liquids and stains more easily. You need to apply a sealer which creates an impenetrable shell and keeps the stone stain-free. The best way to clean marble is to use hot water and a formulated stone cleaner. Wipe the surface dry with a cotton cloth or chamois.

These are certain ways in which you can increase the durability of your stone and increase the aesthetic beauty of your commodities.

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