Natural Stone FAQs


Natural stone continues to be a popular choice among homeowners, interior designers and general contractors. It is not going anywhere soon. To help decide whether to use natural stone on your next project, here are some natural stone FAQs from the best granite suppliers Omaha  to answer your questions. 

Where does natural stone come from?

Natural stone comes from the earth. It forms underground for millions of years from minerals that undergo pressure. These stones can be found in mountains, plains or former sea beds. To excavate them from the ground, people create quarries. The most common places in the world where natural stone is found are in Italy, Spain, Turkey, the United States, and France, just to name a few. 

What kind of natural stones are available?

There are tons of different types of natural stone options that you can choose for a home or business. The most commonly used stones include granite, marble and quartzite. They can be used as countertops, backsplashes, tile and even fireplace surrounds. The only limit to where you can use natural stone is your imagination. 

What are the finishes of natural stone? 

When natural stone is first dug out of the ground, it looks like a rock. It has to go through a process to make it look like it does when you shop for it. The natural stone slabs can get a finish to make it look and do certain things. Some of the standard finishes include polished, honed and brushed. 

Should natural stone be sealed?

Natural stone is a durable stone, but it is porous. That means that the stone has little pores where liquids and bacteria can be absorbed. Natural stone countertops should be sealed regularly. It will protect the stone from stains and cracking. 

How often should you seal natural stone?

People want to avoid sealing their natural stone. Granite suppliers Omaha recommend having the natural stone countertops sealed upon installation and then resealed every one and five years. One way to see if your natural stone needs to be sealed is with a water test. Pour a small amount of water and see if it gets absorbed. 

Is natural stone durable? 

Natural stone is one of the most durable materials in the world. With the proper sealing and maintenance, it lasts for as much as 100 years! It can withstand heat and scratches so homeowners and business owners do not have to worry about chipping or cracking. 

Is natural stone a good investment? 

When it comes to choosing natural stone, it is essential to remember that natural stone is a good investment! Adding granite, marble or quartzite to a home can increase the value of the house. Natural stone is always on homeowners’ want lists. It lasts for years and never goes out of style. 

Whether you have decided to use natural stone for kitchens, bathrooms or fireplaces, choose the best granite suppliers Omaha. At Firenze International, we can answer all your questions. We offer high-quality natural stone slabs for any business or remodeling project. Contact us to see our inventory. 


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