Natural Stone Formations Throughout The World


The world is full of beautiful scenery. From the mountains to the oceans, every country has something to offer. Natural stone formations are unique because they are not man-made and they have been formed over a long period of time by the elements of nature. This is what makes them so sought after and so popular.

Here is a list of some of the most impressive natural stone formations in the world:

The Cracked Fairy Chimney

This beautiful landscape resides in central Turkey. It got its name because magical fairies are said to have created this astonishing sight. These stone formations are protected by a thick layer of volcanic rock and ash. Over time, the cracks in the stone got deeper and the inner stone began to erode and wash away. The sight of this stone is said to have a window looking out over an enchanted land.

Dead Man – The Sleeping Giant

Near the Blasket Islands off the coast of Ireland, there is an eerie stone formation known as the Dead Man or The Sleeping Giant. Dark clouds often surround this small island made of natural stone that looks like a man laying down to rest on the ocean. This beautiful scene has been forgotten about by most tourists, but it shouldn’t be. The peacefulness and tranquility that surrounds The Sleeping Giant is unparalleled.

Ancient Walls

There are beautiful ancient walls and building blocks near the coastline of the Caithness district in Scotland. These walls of rock are so spectacular that they almost look man made. The tall waves and strong winds have carved the rocks into today’s formation over hundreds of years. Mother Nature created the millions of layers of colored stone without technology or assistance.

Giant’s Causeway

In Northern Ireland, another stone formation to be admired is called the Giant’s Causeway. There appears to be stepping stones that lead directly into the sea. Active volcanoes often spew lava over the area, causing a solidification into a plateau that forms a perfect path for any giant. This rock is an astonishing 50 million years old. These stones have continued to be an amazement to humans and will for years to come.

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