Outdoor Trends 2018


With warmer weather finally making an appearance, your clients are going to be spending more and more time outside and they will need the perfect outdoor oasis for entertaining.

Outdoor kitchens have done a lot of evolving over the years, and people are beginning to turn their backyard into a home away from home.

These are the outdoor trends your clients are going to be looking for this spring/summer:

  • Natural Stone Hardscaping
    Hardscaping can come in the form of walkways or retaining walls and brings a rustic and durable touch to your clients outdoor space. The imagery of these ancient looking stones will have visitors thinking they have stepped into the Irish countryside.
  • Stacked Stone
    Stacked stone has a way of tying everything together while also adding personality and texture to an outdoor space. It is easy to create niches in the stone to place flat screen TVs, fireplaces, or cabinets.
  • Outdoor Tile
    Outdoor tile not only allows the outdoor living space to be turned into a functional area for your clients to host parties and family activities, but also makes it maintenance-free. Depending on the style and personality of your client, they can choose to go the rustic route or keep the look modern.
  • Seat Walls
    When designing an outdoor kitchen, you need to ask your clients what kind of get togethers they are going to be having to ensure that you are installing enough seating. A trend that has become popular this year is seat walls. Creating these walls increases seating and ensures that no one is left out of the party.
  • Smokers and Pizza Ovens
    The focal point of any outdoor party area is the kitchen and its appliances like the stove, grills, smoker, and perhaps pizza oven. Having these appliances in your clients outdoor kitchen allows them to cook while enjoying the party with guests.
  • Functional Prep Areas
    A prep area isn’t just a countertop space. We are seeing people turn this countertop space into a one stop shop for everything they could need while entertaining including ice makers, refrigerators, sinks, dishwashers, and burners.
  • Moving the indoors out
    We are seeing trends that are popular inside being reflected outside such as high-end materials, gray tones, throw pillows, rugs, and sleek lines. Your clients’ outdoor space can and should be an extension of their indoor living area.

If you have clients looking to start an outdoor project, Firenze has a wide selection of beautiful and durable natural stone! If you are in search of natural stone, contact us as Firenze International and we would love to help you and your clients find the natural stone countertops of their dreams!


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