Updated: Porcelain countertops


More and more homeowners want materials that are durable and timeless. Choosing the right material is especially important when homeowners and business owners are renovating a space.

One material that more and more people are choosing is porcelain countertops! This material is worth the investment because of its durability, versatility and maintenance-free. 

Before you start to search for “wholesale countertops near me” on Google, search for “porcelain countertops near me” instead. These kinds of countertops are sure to fit any budget, style and needs!

How are porcelain countertops created

Porcelain countertops are made from clay that is rich in kaolinite. This type of clay is rich in silica, feldspar and other minerals oxides that give the porcelain durability. When it is heated at extremely high temperatures, it creates a dense material perfect for porcelain countertops. 

Why should you consider porcelain countertops?

They work in any space.

Unlike other natural stones, porcelain is extremely versatile. Interior designers and general contractors can use these countertops in any space. You can use them indoors at your office, commercial space, bathrooms or kitchens. Or, you can even use these types of countertops for your outdoor space. 

Porcelain countertops are resistant to any damage, including scratches, heat and UV. With other natural stones, water can be a problem. It can get into the pores of the rock and cause it to break. Porcelain countertops don’t have that problem because they have a 0.1 percent water absorption rate. 

They are safe. 

When it comes to designing your client's space, you want to choose safe materials. You want to avoid materials that can trap bacteria and germs that affect your client’s health over time. Choose a hypoallergenic material like porcelain countertops to keep them safe. 

These types of countertops don’t emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs are gases that come from solids or liquids that could affect your health. You won’t have to worry about mildew and mold forming. Plus, they are safe enough for food contact. 

They are durable. 

The last thing any homeowner or business owner wants is to have to replace their countertops and search “wholesale countertops near me.” When it comes to planning and designing a space, interior designers and general contractors want to consider porcelain countertops. 

These countertops are designed to last. For starters, they are stain-resistant. So if there are spills, you don’t have to worry about countertops staining or cracking. Acid and chemical spills are also nothing to worry about. Lastly, porcelain countertops can stand up against any chips or cracks. 

They fit into any design. 

Remodeling or constructing a new home or business takes a lot of planning. One of those aspects includes choosing versatile materials that can fit into any design. As a designer or contractor, you want to ensure that these materials won’t require to be updated.

Porcelain countertops are the perfect solution. These kinds of countertops work with any interior style and last for a long time! There are different colors, patterns and finishes that homeowners and business owners can choose. Whether the interior style is contemporary or rustic, these countertops work perfectly!

If you’re ready to restock business’s inventory or need countertops for your next project, don’t search for “wholesale countertops near me” but rather “porcelain countertops near me.” Or let our experts at Firenze international help. 

We are proud to announce that we carry Mediterraneo Surfaces’s Porcelain 4.0 collection. This porcelain collection offers nine different white patterns that resemble marble. Porcelain countertops like these meet the needs of both modern and classic styles! Contact us to see our inventory of porcelain slabs. 


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