Problems With Countertop Materials That Aren’t Natural Stone


When it comes to deciding which countertop material is perfect for your needs, there are a ton of options to choose from. We would be lying if we said there’s an absolutely perfect countertop material but some definitely have more weaknesses than others.

These are the disadvantages of all of the countertops that aren’t natural stone:

  • Laminate countertops
    Laminate countertops can be more easily scratched than most surfaces, so it is not recommended that you do any cutting on this material. Laminate is also not as heat resistant as other surfaces and hot pans should not be placed directly on laminate. If Laminate is scratched, burned or chipped, it is very difficult to repair.
  • Concrete countertops
    Concrete countertops are expensive and they are in the same range as Granite and Quartz, so they aren’t an ideal option for everyone. These countertops need to be sealed regularly in order to make the surface easier to clean. Putting a lot of weight might also cause them to crack.
  • Recycled glass countertops
    While recycled glass countertops are fairly strong, they can crack if installation creates stress points. Depending on the design, some of them can show water spots. Recycled glass countertops come in a range of prices but most are fairly expensive.
  • Butcherblock countertops
    These countertops require periodic sealing over the years. Without sealing water can penetrate the butcher block and warp wood pieces, causing them to separate. Unsealed wood can also harbor germs.
  • Solid surface countertops
    Solid surface countertops are not as resistant to heat as stone or Quartz countertops. They are not very resistant to scratches, but many of them can be removed with careful sanding.
  • Reclaimed wood countertops
    This countertop material is expensive since there is a limited supply. Wood countertops can harvest bacteria if it is not properly sealed. You should have them resealed every few years and as you can guess, wood countertops don’t handle very-hot pots and pans.
  • Porcelain countertops
    The price of porcelain countertops can be a turn off for homeowners. The installed cost of a slab of porcelain will be $60 to $100 per square foot based on the specific material.

All of these disadvantages is what steers homeowners to choose natural stone as their countertop material of choice.

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