Pros and Cons of Soapstone


Soapstone is a natural stone material that has been used in residential and commercial properties for many years, primarily for countertops. This material is unique in both looks and texture, which is why many homeowners love it!

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What is soapstone?

Soapstone is a natural stone that many homeowners use for their kitchen countertops. Many minerals that make up soapstone, including talc, which makes this material softer than other forms of natural stone such as marble and granite. 

Soapstone can come in a variety of colors depending on its mineral composition, which include gray, blue, green and brown. As this material is “soft” and rather dense, it actually does not need to be sealed like other materials such as marble.

Advantages of soapstone as a countertop material


One reason why soapstone is such a great countertop material is because of this material’s durability. Although soapstone is not as hard as other materials, and could be prone to scratching, it’s actually very heat resistant. According to Cambria, it’s so heat resistant that you can put your hot pans directly on the surface without damaging it! 


Another reason why many homeowners love soapstone countertops is because they are relatively more affordable than some of the other elegant natural stone materials. Although the price per slab is pretty high, it is a long-term investment that will certainly help increase the value of your home. All together, choosing soapstone is a cost-effective solution that will enhance the look and feel of your kitchen!

Rustic / old school look

Another benefit of using soapstone as your countertop material is that it fits well into a rustic or old school design. Due to all of the minerals, the surface of soapstone is very unique and possesses a different texture than other natural stone countertops. 

Cons of soapstone countertops

Design limitations

One of the biggest cons of installing soapstone countertops is that it has limited design and color options, which can make it difficult to match your existing kitchen design. It usually only comes in shades of gray and black, while sometimes coming in different hues. However, these are far less options compared to materials like granite, marble and quartz. 

Not oil-friendly

Another con of using soapstone as kitchen countertops is that they do not mix well with oily substances. In fact, oily substances can end up creating dark spots within soapstone countertops. It’s advised to spread mineral oil on the entire countertop to make the entire surface dark and minimize dark patches. 

When it comes to installing new countertops in your home, there is no better choice than natural stone. As one of the best stone wholesalers in the area, we are here to help you complete your next project! Visit our website to learn why we are your go to stone wholesalers! Connect with us!


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