Soapstone - What Is It?

The properties of soapstone can vary from quarry to quarry and can have different levels of hardness that just depend on how much talc is present within the soapstone. Soapstone’s mineral composition usually gives it a gray, blue, green, or brown color. Its name comes from its soapy feel and softness.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Soapstone?


Soapstone has the ability to resist the transfer of heat. This allows it to be used in kitchens and around stovetops and allows you to set hot pots and pans directly on the countertop.  Soapstone is a soft material, which can be a downside since it will scratch easily, but these can easily be buffed out with sandpaper. You can’t prevent scratches on your countertops, but you can lessen the chances of getting them by treating the stone with sealants and oils.

Cost Effectiveness

The actual slab does cost a pretty penny and is comparable to the price of high-end Granite, but is less than Marble.

Easy To Clean

Soapstone is a non-porous material. It is unaffected by the acids that come from things like tomatoes, wine, vinegar, and grape juice, so it will not stain, but it does get darker over time from use.


With Soapstone, not only do you get a surface that is resistant to heat and easy to clean, you’ll get one that is aesthetically pleasing. Soapstone is available in grey, green, and black tones. Applying oil to the countertops can make for a darker, smoother look.

In this article, we’ve tackled the surfacing material Soapstone. We’ve explained what it is and its associated benefits. We hope that in doing so we’ve helped to narrow down the search for the perfect material for your client’s next project!

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So far we have covered Granite, Marble, Quartz, and Onyx in our blog over the past couple of weeks. Don’t think any of these natural stones are the right fit for you? No worries. We’ll keep exploring other stone options over the next several weeks!

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