The best natural stone floors for outdoor space


As the days start to get warmer, people are beginning to spend their days outdoors. They are spending more time on their outdoor kitchens, patios or pools. It also leaves homeowners without outdoor spaces wanting to renovate or start a project. 

Designing the ideal patio or pool areas requires knowledge of using the correct materials. Not using the right materials for outdoor spaces can lead to cracks, repairs and replacements. To help you find the best natural stone flooring for outdoor areas, here is a list of outdoor tile ideas


Granite is used in indoor spaces like bathrooms or kitchens. It is also used in exterior areas as flooring or decorative pieces. Granite flooring is typically cut into tiles that can be used in patios, paving and curbing. 

The durability of granite makes it ideal for flooring. It is designed to last for years, withstand high temperatures and weather conditions. An important thing to note is that granite flooring does require a sealant to prevent water damage. To avoid slips granite suppliers Omaha experts suggest not applying polished finishes. 


Another popular outdoor flooring perfect for patios and pools is travertine. This type of natural stone is a type of limestone that is formed from deposits of minerals in natural springs. Travertines come in earthy tones like tans, browns and beiges

It has become a popular flooring option for outdoor spaces because of its texture. Its surface creates traction even when it is wet, this helps prevent slips. This type of natural stone is resistant to weather conditions, heat and moisture. These tiles do not discolor, so you will have peace of mind that your pool and patio area will be looking good for years. 


Slate is a metamorphic rock that brings uniqueness and durability to any indoor and outdoor space. It comes in a wide range of grays and even greens, blacks and browns. There are no two same slate tiles, so there is no limit to creativity. 

This natural stone has become another popular outdoor flooring option because of its low absorption rate. This means it does not absorb moisture very much. Its resistance to water makes it ideal for pools, patios, pavements and walkways. 


If you are looking for a timeless outdoor flooring option, limestone is a great choice. This type of natural stone has been used for thousands of years in construction and buildings. Limestone tiles are available in neutral tones like white, beige, creams, pinks and greys. But it is also available in vibrant hues like reds, blues and blacks. 

Limestone is an ideal outdoor flooring option because it is durable and ages with grace. Although it is a lot softer than granite or slate, it can be protected with a seal. Since limestone is available in lighter colors, it is suitable for reflecting heat


One of the most popular outdoor tile ideas is porcelain. This type of material is created from a white clay and other ceramic materials. It is heated up in extreme temperatures to create its hard and durable surface. 

It is widely used in outdoor flooring because of its durability and absorption rate. Porcelain has an absorption rate of .5 percent - that means it is resistant to moisture. Porcelain tiles durability prevents it from fading or getting damaged by UV light. 

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