The Best Stones For Your Bathroom Remodel


There is no material that is quite like natural stone. No two stones are exactly alike and they can add personality and texture to any bathroom.

There are several stones that can be good choices for your bathroom and we are here to lay all of your options out on the table.


Soapstone is a very underrated stone, but it is actually a great choice because there is little to no maintenance required. There is no sealer required for this stone, just periodic mineral oil.


This stone does require a little more maintenance. It is very porous and needs to be sealed to avoid stains. But it is a popular choice because you can make it traditional or modern depending on your style and personality.


Travertine comes in a variety of warm hues. The grout of travertine is usually filled with epoxy of the same color to add a smooth look to the stone.


Onyx is such a unique stone and it comes in a variety of colors. It is a translucent material, so a lot of designers have been using it to backlight surfaces. It is important to know that this stone is delicate and does need to be sealed.


Slate is usually associated with more of a rustic look, but you can make it work in any space. Slate is good option for flooring since it is slip resistant. To clean slate, all you need is a mild cleanser.


This stone has a desert-like appearance and comes in a variety of colors. It essential to seal this stone properly twice a year because it will soak up water or any other liquids that are spilled on it.

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