The Different Grades Of Natural Stone


When it comes to home features such as countertops, there are not many options that perform and look as well as natural stone. Natural stone comes in a variety of different materials, sizes and colors, with each slab containing its own unique qualities. 

When purchasing natural stone, you may notice that different slabs may be categorized in different grades. The grade of a natural stone slab is usually used to show the overall quality of the slab, including the color, thickness, veigning and location of which it was quarried. But what exactly do these grades mean?

At Firenze International, we are leaders in the natural stone industry. With over 100 years of industry experience, we have supplied natural stone slabs to companies across the Midwest. Below, we discuss the different grades of natural stone and what they mean!

Low-grade (Commercial)

Low-grade stone, also known as commercial grade, is the lowest grade of stone. Commercial-grade stone is usually cut thinner than other slabs, at about ⅜ of an inch. It also does not vary much in color. This grade has a significant amount of soft minerals mixed within the stone.

Mid-grade (Regular)

Mid-grade stone is the most common type of natural stone slabs. Mid-grade is usually cut to a thickness of ¾ of an inch. It is pretty average in color, or at least it’s not as rare or exotic. This grade is often harder than low-grade stone, and it can even be harder than the more expensive slabs. 

High-grade (Premium)

High-grade stone, also known as premium grade, is the best of the best. This grade of stone is usually quarried from the highest quality mines and is at least ¾ of an inch thick. Premium grade stone also usually has a unique coloring, which includes uncommon veining and patterns. 

Which grade should you choose?

The price of a stone slab is usually reflective of its individual grading. When purchasing natural stone slabs, it may be tempting to just buy the cheapest options. While there are many low-grade natural stone slabs that will work well in a number of projects, that is not always the best option. Lower-graded stone is usually quarried at a much higher rate. It contains more soft minerals and isn’t as durable, hard or unique as more premium stone. So, it’s important to understand what you are wanting to get out of the stone slabs you purchase. If you are looking for higher quality and more unique coloring, premium-grade stone will be the better choice. But, if you don’t really care about the unique coloring and don’t want to spend more money, a lower-grade stone slab could be perfect for you. 

At Firenze, we offer premium, high-quality natural stone that is quarried from only the best locations around the world. To learn more about our services, or to view our inventory, visit our website today!


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