Update: The Different Natural Stone Finishes


As the name indicates, natural stone is found in nature. When it’s found in nature, it doesn’t look like it looks when you go see natural stone slabs inventories. The granite, marble and quartzite look like regular pieces of rock. They have to go through a process to be turned into the slabs that you shop.

Once they are turned into slabs that you see, they can be altered to fit the style or preference of your customers. Depending on where your customer wants to use that stone, it could determine the kind of finish the stone should get. If you’re looking to purchase natural stone slabs for your business or next interior design project, these are all a type of natural stone finish you should know about. 


A polished natural stone finish is one of the most common finishes for natural stone. Homeowners are most familiar with this type of finish because it is seen everywhere on countertops and walls. A polished finish on granite, marble or quartzite makes the surface of the natural stone shiny. 

This finish is achieved by repeated abrasive treatments that gives the natural stone that mirror effect. Not only is the polish finish great for any stone, it also makes the stone’s surfaces poreless. That means that there are no little holes that can make their way inside the stone and cause it to crack. This type of finish is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and areas that experience more spills. 


Honed natural stone is ideal for homeowners or interior designers who want a matte natural stone. This type of finish makes the stone appear matted and makes scratches less noticeable. It’s more commonly used in flooring as floor tiles because they can withstand more foot traffic than a polished stone. 

A honed finish is done by grounding down the natural stone to a smooth and flat surface. It removes the shine away from the stone’s surface and makes it more porous. This finish also gives the natural stone a much lighter color than the polished stone. 


Some homeowners or interior designers prefer more natural stone throughout their home. If that is the case, a brushed finish on natural stone is perfect. This type of finish makes the granite, quartzite or marble look more natural because it has texture and doesn’t have that shine. 

A brushed finish is achieved when the manufacturer gently brushes the surface of the natural stone. During the process, it starts to look worn-in, and texture is created. It gives the stone a much more natural look, but it does become more porous. If this type of finish is used for countertops, it will require frequent sealing. 

No matter what kind of natural stone finish you prefer on your granite, marble or quartzite, let Firenze International assist you. We have high-quality natural stone slabs for your countertop business or next home design. After choosing from our extensive inventory, we can help you select the perfect finish. Contact us to come and see our inventory. 


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