The do’s and don’ts of natural stone countertops


Natural stone countertops like granite, marble, limestone and quartz add beauty to your space and are incredibly durable. They also require minimal maintenance, and many business owners use them in their commercial spaces and bathrooms.

At Firenze, we know that not only is natural stone beautiful, but it is super durable to wear and tear, which is important if you have a commercial business with a lot of foot traffic. If you take proper care of your natural stone, you will not have to replace it as quickly as you would other types of countertops. Though it may be more money initially, it could actually save you money in the long run when it comes to replacement and repair fees. 

However, if you want your natural stone countertop to last a lifetime, there are some guidelines you need to follow. Failure to do so will result in wasted investment and scratched or cracked surfaces. Here are some dos and don'ts when it comes to natural stone countertops.



Always use a mild solution of water and soap to clean your natural stone surfaces. You should also use a soft cloth to prevent scratching the shiny surface of your countertop. In case of any acidic spills, wipe them off immediately to avoid staining and use a recommended detergent cleaner to clean up the mess.

Daily use

If you have natural stone surfaces in your kitchen, use trivets and hot pads to place hot dishes and pans. While most natural stone surfaces are resistant to heat, continuous exposure can damage them, resulting in costly repairs.


With proper care and maintenance, Firenze natural stone countertops can last a lifetime. For instance, you can seal your natural stone countertop to preserve its beauty and durability. Alternatively, you can polish it regularly to maintain its shine and prevent soiling.



Your natural stone countertop isn't a worktable, and placing heavy objects such as toolboxes or your weight on it can damage the surface. You should also avoid dragging or dropping tools on the surface as they may cause it to crack.

Place lotions or creams

For bathroom countertops, don't place powder, creams, lotion, or perfume on the surface as they may leak into it, causing it to etch and become dull over time. Instead, have a separate cupboard for placing all your toiletries.

Clean with lemon juice

Most business owners assume that using lemon juice or oils is a great way to clean natural stone surfaces. Unfortunately, these acidic substances only cause further damage to your natural stone.

Hire us

At Firenze International, we know how important it is for space to be perfect for you and your guests, which is why we can help you choose the perfect natural stone that will fit your needs. Contact us today and we can help you go through our awesome inventory and walk you through the process from start to finish! Whether it is for you or a client, we are here to help! Plus, we offer several different payment options to be sure that you get the stone that is perfect for the space, regardless of the budget Let us be your first call when it comes to everything natural stone.


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