Update: The myths of natural stone


When designing a home or commercial space, Firenze knows that aesthetics is one of the most important pieces. People want their space to reflect them and look a way that will make them happy and feel comforted when they are in it. After you nail the design, you will want to choose pieces that are also durable. This is important because you don’t want to constantly be spending money replacing or fixing items around the home. 

By initially choosing items that may be a bit more expensive, but you know will last over time, will save you money in the long run. You also have to worry less about being hard on things, which is helpful in areas like kitchens or entryways that see a lot of heavy wear and tear. Natural stone is one of those things that may be a bit more pricey, but you won’t regret getting. 

If you are considering getting natural stone for your space, but have heard some negative things, here are a few myths you may have heard about the use of natural stone in your home:

Natural stone is not worth the money.

Natural stone will be more expensive than options like laminate, but it is absolutely worth the money. It is durable, which will save money on maintenance and it will actually add value to your home. Don’t be afraid to incorporate it into the interior and exterior of your home. 

Natural stone requires too much maintenance.

This one is definitely not true. Natural stone requires little to no maintenance. It is found in nature so it has withstood all of the harsh elements. Natural stone can withstand your kitchen and bathroom messes. It can also withstand the heat of hot items so you don’t have to worry about it cracking with heat.

The most important part of maintenance when it comes to natural stone surfaces in your home is cleaning up spills. This is so important because if you leave a spill for too long, it can stain your natural stone, which can be tough to remove, so make sure you wipe up all spills, especially acidic ones, right away.

When it comes to actual maintenance, it doesn’t take much. Be sure that you are using a pH balanced, enzyme cleaner. You do not want to use harsh chemicals on these surfaces because it can damage the stone. For smaller messes, you can just use water!

Natural stone is not unique.

At Firenze International, we see stone all day and we know that because it is naturally made, no two stones are alike. Though you may find some that are similar, you will never find two that are identical. Every stone is unique in color, texture and pattern. You have many different kinds of stones to choose from like granite, marble and quartz. And within these categories, there are different subcategories. With all of the options to choose from, you are sure to find a stone to fit your unique style and aesthetic.

Natural stone will go out of style.

Natural stone is one of those materials that is completely timeless. It is very rare that you will come across a natural stone design that is no longer popular or beautiful. The reason natural stone tops all different countertops are its advantages. Natural stone is durable, timeless and recyclable.  You have been seeing natural stone incorporated in homes for as long as you can remember. And it’s not going anywhere soon.

Natural stone stains too easily.

Stains in natural stone are not as common as you might think. If your natural stone is properly sealed there is no worrying. There are different kinds of sealers for natural stone. You have water-based sealers that can prevent stains for up to three years. Solvent-based sealers penetrate your stone’s pores and protect your stone longer than water-based sealers.

Do you need help choosing the perfect natural stone for you or do you have questions about it? Contact us at Firenze International and we can help answer all of your questions while finding you the perfect stone addition to your space! 


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