The versatility of natural stone


Natural stone is one of the most popular materials used in residential and commercial spaces. Chances are you have seen natural stone in many different environments and that is because it is so versatile. Not only are there several different types of natural stone that you can choose from, but once you have selected one, each slab is completely different. 

Another reason that natural stone is so popular is likely because it is durable and usually pretty low maintenance.  Natural stones can withstand wear and tear, foot traffic and heat from pots and pans. Though you likely think of huge granite slabs and polished quartzite when you imagine natural stone, countertops aren’t the only use for it. 


Another hugely popular way that you can use natural stone in residential or commercial settings is with natural stone flooring. You can use anything from limestone to granite slabs for this, there are also tons of other natural stones that are perfect flooring options. A common one to see is marble. It is high-end and gives the space a luxurious feel. Though it can be stained, with the proper sealant, this stone can make for a great flooring option. 

A less costly and less common option for natural stone flooring is travertine. This is a special type of limestone that is formed around mineral deposits. It is eye catching, durable and brings quite a bit of character to a space!

In restaurants

Natural stone in a restaurant space is a great way to add character and class. Quartzite is a great option for a bar area because it often gives the appearance of marble, with the strength and durability of granite slabs. 

Quartzite is resistant to scratching and is not acid-soluble, which means that when it is exposed to vinegar or citrus juices, which are common in a bar area, it will not be etched or damaged. Quartzite is also heat resistant, which is ideal for places that will be serving food on hot plates. 


A fireplace is often the main focus of a room, whether it is residential or commercial. This means that the fireplace should be well designed and beautiful, which is where natural stone comes in. You can design a beautiful natural stone fireplace with many of the stone options, but a great choice is slate. It is durable and gives off a certain rustic feel, making it perfect for a fireplace surrounding. 

Natural stone is very popular in many different environments because it is so unbelievably versatile. Whether you are working in a residential area or a commercial space, there is almost always a way to incorporate natural stone into the design. Natural stones are beautiful, durable and easy to maintain, plus they are sustainable! 

If you are looking to add in some natural stone features, contact Firenze International today! We can help you find the perfect stone for your space and answer any questions you may have!


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