Unique ways to use granite


Granite is one of the most popular types of natural stone that is used in residential as well as commercial spaces. The reason people love granite so much is because it is beautiful, each slab is unique and it is incredibly durable. 

You have likely seen many different places with granite countertops, but are there other ways that you can use this beautiful natural stone in your space? If you want a way to incorporate granite slabs into your space, but don’t want to go with the typical countertop option, there are some different ways to incorporate it. 


A really cool way to use granite in your space in a way that is still functional is by adding in granite shelving. You can do this in multiple ways. Floating granite shelves are a great option for those that like the open shelving look. You could match it to your countertops or do something completely different to get a contrast. Either way, these shelves are likely going to be pretty unique to your space. 

Another way to use granite slabs in shelving is to use some sort of built-in unit and to add granite to the tops of the shelves. This will add a bit of luxury and an expensive feel to the space. This is also a great option because it won’t be too expensive. The shelving will not take up much space, which means you won’t need to buy a bunch of granite. 

Coffee table

Though this isn’t completely different than using it for countertops, it is using it in a completely different space. Utilizing granite for your living room coffee table or end tables can add a sleek and modern look to your space. It can be a nice contrast if the rest of your space is warm and cozy. Consider using these stone slabs to bring a natural, unique and sleek feel to the space. 


If you only want to incorporate a very small amount of granite, consider sprinkling it in with some small decor features. An awesome way to use granite slabs in a functional way is by creating some type of tray. This could be one that you use on your ottoman to hold remotes, coasters and other things you’d like to keep handy, or it could be a type of serving tray for when you are entertaining. Either way, these create a beautiful and elegant feature that won't’ break the bank. 

Lamp base

Every room needs lighting and a lot of times that means purchasing lamps. Instead of choosing something common, consider using granite for your lamp bases. One benefit to this is that granite is pretty heavy, which means that it will be less likely for your lamp to fall over and break. This is another way to add in modern and sleek features without spending a fortune on granite. 

If you are looking for granite or any other natural stone slabs and aren’t sure where to look, contact us at Firenze International today. We have a wide range of stones and colors that we can help sort through to find the perfect stone for your space. Give us a call and let’s finish off your next project!


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