Upgrading Your Desks, Buffets and Credenzas to Stone


Natural stone is widely celebrated for its beauty and its endless ability to be sculpted. Homeowners and interior designers love natural stones such as granite, slate, marble, quartz and limestone for their beauty and practicality. And these benefits are in addition to their ability to increase home value and look stunning in the process.

Here at Firenze, we know that natural stone has many different benefits when it is incorporated into a home. It drastically increases the value of the home, as well as the curb appeal and is a focal point for many spaces. When looking to buy a home, many homeowners will be drawn to a natural stone feature in the kitchen and the bathroom. Natural stone is pretty versatile, which means almost anyone will find it beautiful.

The durability factor is a huge benefit to adding in natural stone into your client’s space. When you help them create a space with beautiful natural stone, you are helping them save money in the long run by preventing them from having to repair or replace countertops. You are also helping them create an aesthetic that truly works for them because there are many different stone options and looks to choose from. 

All of that said, most interior designers overlook the value of upgrading furniture such as your desks, buffets, and credenzas to natural stone as well. But there are many advantages. Take a look:

Natural stones like granite are super durable

Granite, quartz, and marble are all heat-resistant, acid-resistant, crack-resistant and low-maintenance. You can set hot coffee cups and teapots on your granite desk without fear, just as you can set chilled wine on the buffet without a mark or throw your keys on the granite credenza without wondering if they will scratch. Coffee tables are another example of how you can use durable natural stone in furniture.

Natural stone furniture is the first and last you need to buy

Natural stones like marble and granite were created by the Earth millions of years, so you know they will last forever. No worrying if they will break, buckle, warp or bend. Less expensive furniture may be appealing at first, but often is of such low quality that you will need to replace it frequently, creating non-recyclable waste. Nice furniture with natural stone is forever, and it can even be fixed if the non-stone parts need to be re-finished, buffed or replaced. You can even make natural stone furniture part of your estate, to be passed onto future generations!

Natural stone makes for timeless furniture designs

Many people think of natural stone furniture as heavy or clunky, but in fact, our designs at Firenze are often modern, fresh, and sophisticated. Natural stone comes in almost any color and can be chiseled or cut into any shape. Black, grey, white, marble and even rose quartz makes great furniture. Often furniture made with natural stone can be combined with other materials such as glass, wood or bamboo. Your natural stone furniture will complement any decor you have for your home, now and forever.

Do you need help picking out a natural stone for your client? We are here to help! We love providing our services to help you and your client create their dream space! Contact us at Firenze International today!


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