Designing a home that will express your personality can be a challenging task for any homeowner. Porcelain tiles have been a common trend amongst recent homeowners. Aside from making your home look attractive, it’s also durable, especially when it comes to flooring. Porcelain tiles are light in weight and affordable in cost.


Using porcelain tiles around the shower stalls in your bathroom, will give the area an elegant look. You’ll also be free from worry of the problems that can be created by water. Porcelain tiles are resistant to staining and moisture. As an added bonus, homeowners can select dark colors like black or copper to give a royal feel to the interior.

Living room flooring

The best option for living rooms are light colored porcelain tiles. Porcelain floor tiles can mimic wooden floorings and reduce the cost of maintenance, as they are easy to clean. Any home with a wooden flooring looks very attractive and stylish. But, the maintenance cost of a wooden flooring is high, which is why Many homeowners are switching to porcelain.

Wall tile

Instead of using a paint to make your walls look beautiful, try using porcelain wall tiles. Paint on your walls will need a fresh coat after a while, and can easily stain. Porcelain tiles have a glossy appearance and won’t react with any kind of atmosphere or chemicals.

Bathroom wall tile

Your bathroom wall is continuously subjected to moisture. Whether it’s the water or humidity from your shower, porcelain in your bathroom can take a beating. But, by using a porcelain on your wall instead of a wallpaper, it can prevent moisture from absorbing into your walls. Another benefit to porcelain tiles, they are easy to clean. It’s important for you keep up with cleaning in the bathroom and porcelain can withstand almost any cleaning product and is easy to wipe down when in a hurry.

Bedroom tile flooring

Now before you roll your eyes, stick with us. Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home, and porcelain can be a great addition. Light-colored porcelain tiles can look like natural stones. The right kind of light colored porcelain will brighten up a room and create a soothing atmosphere.


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