What is porcelain?


Porcelain is not a brand new kind of material that is being used for interior design. It has been around for thousands of years. Before you start type porcelain countertops near me on your phone, get a glimpse of how porcelain gained its popularity. 

What is porcelain? 

Porcelain is made from white clay and other ceramic elements. The one element that is in all-porcelain is kaolin. This clay mineral contains metal minerals like alkaline metal and aluminum. These elements are then mixed together and heated at high temperatures to create the porcelain you see everywhere. 

The history of porcelain 

Porcelain is first traced back to ancient China. The exact date is 1600-1046 BCE during the Shang Dynasty. During this period, porcelain was at its earliest stages and was known as primitive porcelain. However, the first evidence of porcelain pottery is traced back to the Han Dynasty in 25-220 CE.

The discovery of porcelain at this time was useful for people to create ware that was impervious to water. Thus, people started to use porcelain to start producing celadon ware. This kind of pottery had a blueish-green tint to it. 

In 618-907 CE during the Tang Dynasty, the popularity of tea drinking began to rise, and made the demand of delicate dishware to drink the tea. New forms of creating porcelain were introduced, and more porcelain dishware was created. After popularity grew, porcelain began to make its way out of China and into Western countries through the Silk Road. 

The primary production of porcelain was originally Jingdezhen for the next 900 years until the Qing era. This location was hilly with trees that provide timber for the kins. It also had rich deposits of the kaolin that were mined and used for producing porcelain.

It slowly started to be recreated in Europe. However, in the beginning, the quality was poor and called soft-paste porcelain. It wasn’t until the 1700s that the West began to produce high-quality porcelain. 

What’s the difference between porcelain and China? 

People tend to confuse porcelain and fine China with each other. Both of these two materials are created from the same materials. What makes porcelain and fine China different is its production. To create porcelain it needs to be heated at high temperatures like around 2,650 F. While, fine China is heated at lower temperatures around 2,200 F. 

The use of porcelain 

Porcelain for many years was used to creating beautiful dishware. During the Tang Dynasty, porcelain was popular among making teacups and plates. The reason why people loved porcelain back in the days was that it was durable. The higher class would also buy porcelain statues to decorate their homes. 

Nowadays, porcelain is used in a variety of ways like toilets, bathtubs, sinks, tiles and even countertops! This type of material is popular because it is durable, waterproof, stain-proof and easy to keep clean. Homeowners have discovered the easy maintenance and durability of porcelain countertops. They’re searching for porcelain countertops near me to find the perfect slabs.

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