UPDATED: What makes granite so great?


When it comes to natural stone, there are many great options you can choose from. Marble offers a luxurious look. Quartzite is a great option in terms of durability. But granite checks off all the boxes, which is one of the reasons why granite is one of the most popular natural stones used for countertops!

At Firenze International, we are experts when it comes to natural granite slabs. We have supplied many contractors with natural granite slabs used for projects of all types, and understand the advantages that natural granite slabs have to offer.  Below, we explain what makes natural granite slabs such a popular choice when it comes to countertops! 

No two granite slabs are the same

When you purchase a natural granite slab, you are purchasing one that is unique and one of a kind. Granite slabs are like snowflakes, every single one is different and unique in their own ways. Granite comes in a variety of colors, including white, blue, black, red, green and even pink! On top of that, granite comes in a variety of different patterns and unique veining. This is one of the coolest things about buying granite, as you can be assured that there’s not an identical piece like it anywhere in the world!

It’s made to last

Granite is one of the most durable countertop stones on the market! This natural stone is an igneous rock that was created from molten rock that was crystallized and solidified, making it durable. Granite is quarried all over the world, but our granite selection comes primarily from Italy, Brazil and India. 

This natural stone is resistant to about everything in the kitchen and bathroom, including: 

  • High heat

  • Scratches and stains

  • Liquid spills

  • Bacterial growth 

On top of being able to withstand all of these elements, granite is a very hard stone as well, and can last up to 100 years! 

It’s easy to maintain

As a homeowner, you have some things that must be done every day. The dishes, laundry, cooking and working outside can take up a lot of time, so why put more on your plate? That is why granite countertops are so great!

Granite slabs are very easy to maintain! All you need to do is have it resealed by a professional every one to five years. Resealing granite can keep it looking shiny and clean but ensure water or scratches can form over time. It takes less than five minutes to contact a professional, and it will keep your granite great for a lifetime.

Natural granite slabs are great for many reasons. Granite is long-lasting, very durable, easy to maintain, and each slab is unique in their own way! When choosing a new natural stone countertop, consider choosing granite!

At Firenze International, we are your go to granite slab supplier! If you are looking to purchase new natural stone slabs, give our team a call today!


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