What Stone Distributors Can Do For You


Natural stone is becoming one of the most desired materials to use throughout homes and businesses. This is due to its durability, unique design, easy maintenance and overall beauty. As many begin to make the switch to natural stone, there are many questions left unanswered. 

Stone distributors supply natural stone slabs that are used in many home projects. When you search slab suppliers near me, you will find many stone fabricators in your area; but how does this help you?

At Firenze International, we provide the highest quality of natural stone slabs in Omaha, Neb and surrounding areas. Although our stone slabs are our main product, our services go much beyond that. Our team is very helpful and will assist you along your home improvement journey. Below, we discuss what stone distributors can do for you!

What are stone distributors? 

Stone distributors are the main suppliers of natural stone in a set area. They search around the world for the highest quality stone and provide customers with knowledge, expertise and technical support. When you search slab suppliers near me, you will also find an online inventory that provides you with the stone materials they currently have. 

What stone distributors can do for you

Variety of products and services

Stone distributors, like us at Firenze, offer a variety of products. Whether you are in need of granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, tile and more, we have it! On top of the different stone options to choose from, stone distributors can also cut slabs to customizable sizes and create whatever edging you wish!

Location and delivery services

Another great thing that many stone distributors do is deliver your stone slabs to wherever you need them! As long as you’re in the same area, you can expect your stone slabs to be delivered in a timely manner. This is beneficial as minimizes the risk of your project taking longer than expected. Although delivery is an option, you can also go into the store to pick up your slabs. Overall, stone distributors work to your convenience!

Honest pricing

Lastly, purchasing stone slabs directly from a stone distributor will ensure that you are paying an accurate price! More often than not, countertop companies and other contractors will set natural stone prices much higher than they really are. Stone fabricators understand the quality of the stone better than anyone and will price their slabs accordingly. Buying directly from a stone distributor can help save you hundreds of dollars on your home improvement project!

Stone distributors are the main suppliers of natural stone products and slabs in a set area, but they can do much more for you! By working with a stone distributor, you will be receiving knowledge, expertise, delivery services and the best pricing. Consider working directly with a stone distributor when planning your next home improvement project.

When searching natural stone slab suppliers near me, you will more than likely find Firenze. At Firenze International, we put together quality products, services, and industry expertise to help your project go as planned. To learn more about us or to check out our current stone slab inventory, visit our website today!


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