What to do with leftover natural stone


Reduce, reuse, recycle. Natural stone is a sustainable choice for your home as it is naturally produced without the emission of harmful chemicals and toxins into the atmosphere. It is also long-lasting, thereby reducing waste over time, and it’s recyclable. In addition to choosing natural stone for your project, you can further reduce your environmental impact by ensuring none of your natural stone material goes to waste.

If you have some stone slab remnants left from your home project, there are countless ways you can repurpose them. Here are just some easy ways you can use leftover stone, according to our stone wholesalers:

  1. Window sills

Replacing your window sills is an easy way to use any remaining stone you may have. While this feature often goes unnoticed, natural stone could be the solution that adds both storage and aesthetic appeal. 

  1. Home accessories

Before you go out and invest in new home accessories, consider how you might be able to adapt your leftover stone into something even better. Here are some random home items that can be easily produced from what remains of your stone slabs:

  • Coasters

  • Trivet

  • Bookends

  • Cheeseboard

  1. Art

Like anything creative, it may take some thought, but leftover stone can be repurposed into artwork to decorate your home. For example, if you really overestimated how much stone you’d need when purchasing from stone wholesalers, you could use what remains to install a stone backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom.

  1. Shelves

If one thing is true, it’s that you can never have enough storage! Take any pieces of stone slab that went unused in your project and create wall shelves for any room in your home that may be lacking some organization. 

  1. Seating 

Whether it be in your backyard, kitchen, shower, or any room for that matter, sometimes you need to take a seat. Your leftover stone could be made into a bench or nook to provide additional seating for your and your guests.

  1. Outdoor walkway

Greet your guests with a stunning walkway made of natural stone. Not only does a pathway enhance your landscape design and add curb appeal, but it can protect you and your guests from slipping or getting muddy in the case that it rains.

  1. Garden edging

For those with a green thumb, stone can make easy and effective garden edging. Block out unwanted guests like rabbits and mice with a natural stone barrier that surrounds and protects your flowerbed - and looks good while doing it!

  1. Firepit

As long as your chosen natural stone is heat-resistant, you can easily use it to create an outdoor firepit. Just stack it uniformly around a metal fire pit ring, and you’re done. Do, however, make sure that it is placed safely away from your home and any trees.

If you’re looking to make a sustainable choice for your home, natural stone is your best option. It’s critical, however, to ensure none of your leftover stone goes to waste by recycling or repurposing it using these tips provided by our stone wholesalers. Contact Firenze International for natural stone to help reduce your environmental impact.


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